Making the choice between the Tec-9 or CZ75-Auto in CS:GO can be tough for some, but sometimes skins can sweeten the deal. The Tec-9 has some of the best cheap skins in CS:GO, and some great looking ones too. Here are 5 of the best Tec-9 skins in CS:GO.

Best Tec-9 Skins in CS:GO

Tec-9 Fuel Injector

Tec9 Fuel Injector

With the yellow and black design, leather grip, and magazine hydrographic, this skin looks sick on the Tec-9

The Tec-9 Fuel Injector is currently priced at around $5 Factory New in the Steam Workshop. It’s also available in the Gamma 2 Case if you feel like taking a gamble for this Classified Pistol skin.

Tec-9 Remote Control

Tec9 Remote Control

Another high-tech style Tec-9 skin that looks great on the gun. Remote Control features a hand-painted design with all kinds of dials, lights, and buttons. It also styles up the barrel with a zig-zag design.

This is definitely one of the best looking Tec-9 skins but at around $21.85 in the Steam Workshop, it’s a little expensive. It’s one of the newer skins as part of the 2018 Nuke Collection, so the price may go down in 2019.

Tec-9 Re-Entry

Tec9 Re-Entry

The stylish flaming red and blue graffiti design is another great pick for the Tec-9. This one will get you fired up for any retake or Eco round.


Tec-9 Re-Entry currently goes for $1 or less in the Steam Workshop, so this is a good cheap skin to get your hands on.

Tec-9 Avalanche

Tec9 Avalanche

This blue and white design is easily one of the best Tec-9 skins in CS:GO. The style gives arctic vibes with the avalanche graphic covering everything from the barrel to the magazine.

At around $388 in the Steam Workshop Factory New, this is one of the best cheap CS:GO skins. You can also find it in the Revolver Case as a Restricted Pistol.

Tec-9 Red Quartz

Tec9 Red Quartz

The Tec-9 Red Quartz is simple but effective. The metallic red quartz design suits the pistol well and adds a little color to your Tec-9.

It’s also super cheap. At just $0.17 in the Steam Workshop this is an easy Tec-9 skin to get.

More of the Best Tec-9 Skins in CS:GO

Tec-9 Nuclear Threat, Tec-9 Sandstorm, Tec-9 Titanium Bit, Tec-9 Snek-9, Tec-9 Isaac.

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