Players who want max strength and quick knockouts will want to main the best Super Smash Bros Ultimate Heavyweights. Smash Bros Ultimate has a formidable roster of heavyweight characters who trade in speed and mobility for size and power. Here are five of the best heavyweight characters in Smash Bros Ultimate.

Best Super Smash Bros Ultimate Heavyweights

1. Donkey Kong

Best Smash Bros Ultimate Heavyweights - Donkey KongDonkey Kong is generally the highest ranked heavyweight on most current tier lists. He hits hard and the ease of his moves makes him one of the best Smash Bros Ultimate characters for beginners.

While he does his best work on the ground, it’s fairly easy to get around the map and knock opponents out from anywhere. Donkey Kong is by far the prime pick if you want to use a heavy character in Smash Ultimate.

2. Bowser

Best Smash Bros Ultimate Heavyweights - Bowser

He moves slow, but Bowser can cover distance with his Fire Breath, do serious damage with his Down B, and even straight up slam enemies out of the stage with his Flying Slam.

Bowser also has some strong and useful Smash Attacks, making him fairly well-rounded for a heavy character. It’ll take some getting used to his size, but if you use him well you’ll knock opponents out super fast.

3. Charizard

Best Smash Bros Ultimate Heavyweights - CharizardCharizard is one of the best heavy characters in the game. Of course, the big advantage is he’s just one of three characters you can use with Pokemon Trainer so if you want more speed and agility, a quick Down B is all it takes.

Charizard has some of the best recovery abilities for a heavyweight character along with some versatile Special Moves. Using Pokemon Trainer is a great choice for anyone looking to get used to the game, although mastering three characters can be a task.

4. King K Rool

Best Smash Bros Ultimate Heavyweights - King K RoolKing K Rool is the latest heavyweight to make the Smash Bros Ultimate roster and probably the funnest heavy character to use. Whether you boomerang his crown, belly flop enemies, or crush them into the ground to set up a Smash Attack, you can do serious damage with K Rool fast.

5. Ganondorf

Best Smash Bros Ultimate Heavyweights - GanondorfMuch like with other Smash Bros games, Ganondorf has serious strength but a distinct lack of agility. However, if you’re willing to be patient, play smart, and pick your shots, he’s a solid choice of character. Setting yourself up to land a huge finishing blow can make him extremely rewarding to play.

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