For a long time, the Smash Bros Melee scene revolved around Five Gods- Hungrybox, Armada, Mew2King, Mang0, and PPMD anymore. But while these players still rank highly, things are changing. Here are the top 5 best Smash Bros Melee players of 2018 by prize earnings. Are these the new five gods of Melee?

1. Hungrybox

Juan Debiedma is still just as hungry as ever. He’s earned more than anyone else this year with $38,481 thanks to tournaments like DreamHack Montreal 2018 and CEO 2018. With $293,146 in overall earnings, the notorious Jigglypuff player is one good tournament away from overtaking Armada in the all-time rankings.

2. Armada

Despite Armada retiring from Melee Singles, he’s had a successful year with the game. His 2018 earnings add up to $25,294, most notably due to his win at Super Smash Con 2018. He’s also the highest-earning Smash Bros Melee player ever with $310,122 in winnings. Armada will still be competing in Melee Doubles, but more notably he could be making the jump to Smash Bros Ultimate!

3. Plup

Plup started the year with an outstanding run at GENESIS 5, beating Armada, Mang0, and Hungrybox twice to take home the trophy. With $21,012 won in 2018 and $77,817 overall, Plup is one of the main players ushering in the new era of Melee.

4. Mew2King

Although he’s been playing less Singles, M2K has still racked up $17,386 in 2018, adding to his overall earnings in Melee of $193,979. He won Singles at Smash Summit 6, but most of his wins have come in the form of Doubles while partnering up with Plup.

5. Leffen

Leffen sits just behind M2K with 2018 earnings of $17,350 and impressive overall earnings of $125,021. While not as active as some other players, the Swedish player made his appearances count. He won Flatiron 3, Smash Summit 6 Doubles, and EVO 2018 with a standout performance.

Honorable Mention: Zain

Zain sits just outside the Top 5 with 2018 winnings of $9,665. However, his performance at Shine 2018, where he took out Mang0 and Hungrybox, solidified his spot as one of the best Smash Bros Melee players of 2018. Expect to see a lot more from this M2K protege.

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