While the AK-47 still leads the charge in terms of Terrorist rifles in CS:GO, the SG 553 has seen more usage since the price drop update. It’s now a perfectly viable gun in Competitive Counter-Strike. As such, here are some of the best SG 553 skins in CS:GO to style your rifle up.

1. SG 553 Cyrex

CS:GO SG 553 Cyrex

You might’ve seen the classic Cyrex design on the USP-S and M4A1-S. But it looks just as sleek on the SG 553, with the red and white details fitting the gun perfectly.

The SG 553 Cyrex can be found in the Falchion Case. You can also grab it Factory New on the Steam Market at around $12-13.

2. SG 553 Integrale

CS:GO SG 553 Integrale

This high-tech design takes inspiration from Italian race cars. The blue, white, and red stripes add a lot of style to an otherwise fairly bland gun.

The SG 553 Integrale is part of The 2018 Inferno Collection, so you won’t find it in a case. You can find it on the Steam Market at $105 Factory New due to its rarity.

3. SG 553 Phantom

CS:GO SG 553 Phantom

This low key SG 553 skin is perfect for those who want to keep it subtle but stylish. The orange and gray look great without being too colorful or exuberant. It’s also one of the best cheap skins in CS:GO.

You can find SG 553 Phantom in the Spectrum 2 Case or get it on the Steam Market at just $1-2 Factory New.

4. SG 553 Triarch

CS:GO SG 553 Triarch

This desert camo style skin looks awesome on the SG 553. Subtle gold and white detailing only adds to the aesthetic.

You can get the SG 553 Triarch from the Gamma 2 Case. You can also find it on the Steam Market at $1-2, making it another great cheap skin for the SG.

5. SG 553 Tiger Moth

CS:GO SG 553 Tiger Moth

This slick SG 553 skin takes inspiration from the wings of a moth. For anyone who likes skins that cover the whole gun, this is one of the best on the market for the SG 553.

You can get the SG 553 Tiger Moth in the Revolver Case. You can also buy it Factory New from the Steam Market at around $5-7.

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