The CS:GO pro scene is now chock-full of talented players. In fact, with so many teams and new players, some of the best players are left as free agents. This is often due to roster shuffles and team changes that leave some top CS:GO pros in the dust. Here are some of the best free agents in CS:GO in 2019.

Best Free Agents in CS:GO

1. ScreaM

At his peak, Adil ‘ScreaM’ Benrlitom might be one of the most skillful players in the world. However, he’s also one of the unluckiest. Despite strong performances, he’s often hit by bad circumstances when it comes to roster shuffles.

As a free agent, ScreaM is incredibly valuable. He’s one of the best riflers and can also communicate in French and English. He could become a vital asset to any team.

2. Flusha

Robin ‘flusha’ Rönnquist has had an up-and-down career the past few years. After he became one of the original fnatic players to win 3 majors, he went to failed pronax project GODSENT, back to fnatic, and then to the NA Cloud9 roster.

Recent changes saw flusha step down for Golden to take a break. But will he return to Cloud9? If he doesn’t, he’s undoubtedly one of the best free agents in CS:GO. His experience in major tournaments is undeniable, and he’s shown he’s still a top talent.

3. suNny

With the new mousesports roster now official, suNny is now on the bench. If a team is willing to pay for his buyout, they could pick up the talented Finnish player. He was one of the HLTV Top 20 players of 2018 due to his incredible performances.

Recent rumors claimed suNny could go to Cloud9 or even ENCE. However, we may have to wait and see where the Finn goes next.

4. Oskar

The ex-mousesports AWPer is also now without a team. Despite some struggles in recent months, oskar was also one of the best players of 2018. Any team who needs a skilled AWPer should be taking a look at him now.

5. Draken

He may be a stand-in for NiP for now, but will the organization take draken back? The Swedish AWPer is becoming more consistent, with a 1.13 HLTV rating in 2019. If he doesn’t stay in NiP, expect him to make his way to another EU roster.

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