The Five-SeveN is one of the best pistols in the game, and those having a hard time choosing between the CZ75-Auto or Five-SeveN might want to consider the skins. Five-SeveN has some great cheap skins and some of the most unique in the game. Here are the top 5 best Five-SeveN skins in CS:GO.

Five-SeveN Hyper Beast

CS:GO Five-Seven Hyper Beast

While the design is mainly known as one of the best AWP skins in CS:GO, Hyper Beast is also available for the Five-SeveN. This iconic, psychedelic skin will definitely add some character to your pistol.

It’s much cheaper than the AWP Hyper Beast but fairly expensive for a pistol skin at around $56 Factory New in the Steam Market. You can also find it in the Operation Hydra Case.

Five-SeveN Monkey Business

CS:GO Five-Seven Monkey Business

One of the most comical looking and most recognizable skins in the game. The Five-SeveN Monkey Business looks like a basic Five-SeveN, only with a banana running through it. Nothing’s better for holding Banana on an Eco Round.

You can’t find the Five-SeveN Monkey Business Factory New, but a Minimal Wear one will cost you around $8 in the Steam Market.

Five-SeveN Violent Daimyo

CS:GO Five-Seven Violent Daimyo

Violent Daimyo is one of the best Five-SeveN skins by far, covering the whole pistol with all kinds of patterns. The purple and black design looks great on the gun and the more you look at it, the more detail you’ll see.

You can find the Five-SeveN Daimyo in the Steam Market for just $0.50 Factory New, making it one of the best cheap CS:GO skins.

Five-SeveN Case Hardened

CS:GO Five-Seven Case Hardened

The classic Case Hardened skin fits the Five-SeveN well. It won’t do much to change the bottom half of the pistol but adds a lot of color to the top.

You can get the Five-SeveN Case Hardened in the Steam Market for around $6 – $8. You can also find it in the CS:GO Weapon Case 2.

Five-SeveN Kami

CS:GO Five-Seven Kami

Five-SeveN Kami is an interesting skin. On first look, it just makes the gun look a little different with its white top. On closer look, it covers the Five-SeveN with a Japanese manga comic, making it highly unique.

You can find the Five-SeveN Kami Factory New in the Steam Market for less than a dollar. You can also get it from the Winter Offensive Weapon Case.

More of the Best Five-SeveN Skins in CS:GO

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