The Desert Eagle is one of the best guns in CS:GO. Whether you’re playing an eco round or need a backup pistol for your AWP, it’s always a solid choice. There’s also a lot of great Desert Eagle skins to use. Here are the top 5 best Deagle skins in CS:GO.

1. Deagle Blaze

CS:GO Desert Eagle Blaze

It might look a bit like a Hot Wheels toy, but the Deagle Blaze is one of the most popular Deagle skins by far. It’s often used by pros like NiKo, dev1ce, and Happy, but you’ll see it a lot in matchmaking too.

It does come at a pretty hefty price tag, though. It’s part of the Dust Collection, so you can’t get it in any case. You can, however, find it on the Steam Market Factory New for around $110.

2. Deagle Crimson Web

CS:GO Desert Eagle Crimson Web

The Deagle Crimson Web looks like something Tony Stark designed for Spider-Man. This red webbed skin is pretty distinctive and you can recognize it a mile off.

As part of the eSports 2014 Summer Collection, you won’t find it in a case. It’s a little cheaper than the Blaze in the Steam Market at about $52 Factory New.

3. Deagle Directive

CS:GO Desert Eagle Directive

This high-tech skin is one of the coolest looking skins in the game. The Deagle Directive makes the Desert Eagle look like a whole new gun with its metallic black and blue design.

This one is also much easier to get your hands on. It’s available in the Gamma 2 Case. But if you don’t feel like taking the gamble, you can get it in the Steam Market at around $9.50.

4. Deagle Hand Cannon

CS:GO Desert Eagle Hand Cannon

The Desert Eagle is often described as a hand cannon in itself thanks to its powerful one-shot potential. The Deagle Hand Cannon just adds to the rep with an interesting acidic design.

The Hand Cannon is part of the Cobblestone Collection. You can get it in the Steam Market Factory New at around $40.

5. Deagle Kumicho Dragon

CS:GO Desert Eagle Kumicho Dragon

This Deagle skin offers something a little different, with a purple grip and dragon engravings. It’s a popular skin, but not one that costs users too much.

You can pick up the Deagle Kumicho Dragon in the Wildfire Case. You can also grab it on the Steam Market for around $16 – $17.

More of the Best Deagle Skins in CS:GO

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