The AK-47 assault rifle is by far the most used gun in CS:GO. Since you’re going to be using it often, it’s worth decking it out to look good, and fortunately, there are plenty of great CS:GO AK-47 skins! Here are the top 5 best AK-47 skins in CS:GO.

1. AK-47 Vulcan

CS:GO AK47 Vulcan

The AK-47 Vulcan is one of the most popular skins in the game, and for good reason. The simple but stylish blue and white design fits the gun perfectly, while still standing out from other, flashier skins.

The Vulcan is part of the Huntsman Collection and can be found in the Huntsman Weapon Case. You can also buy it Factory New on the Steam Market, currently at around $93.

2. AK-47 The Empress

CS:GO AK47 The Empress

AK-47 The Empress has to be one of the coolest looking designs in the game. Inspired by The Empress Tarot Card, this quality design covers everything from the butt of the gun to the magazine.

It’s a fairly expensive design, currently going at around $118 on the Steam Market. You can also find this Covert Rifle in the Spectrum 2 Case.

3. AK-47 Bloodsport

CS:GO AK47 Bloodsport

The AK-47 Bloodsport is another unique and eye-catching AK design. Covered in red and white decals, this looks more like a racecar design than your average CS:GO skin.

While still highly sought-after, it’s a little cheaper than some of the other skins on this list. It currently sells at around $58 on the Steam Market. If you’re feeling lucky, you can also find it in the Spectrum Case.

4. AK-47 Fire Serpent

CS:GO AK47 Fire Serpent

This rare and valuable design is one of the best AK-47 skins in CS:GO. The classic AK-47 design is touched up with a deadly graffiti-style serpent.

Prices can vary wildly- it most recently sold at $583 on the Steam Market, but whichever way you’ll have to dole out a lot for this skin. It can also be found as a Covert skin in the Operation Bravo Case.

5. AK-47 Frontside Misty

CS:GO AK47 Frontside Misty

This arctic-themed skin is another popular AK-47 design for players and pros. The frosty blue and white motif is easily recognizable, and the cheaper price means you’ll often see this one in matchmaking games.

The AK-47 Frontside Misty currently sells at around $33 on the Steam Market. The Classified Rifle can also be found in the Shadow Case. This one’s easier to get your hands on than the others on the list.

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