Reddit has a community for everything. Gamers can follow subreddits for different games, consoles, cheap game deals, and more. Here are the top 30 best gaming subreddits with the most Reddit subscribers.

Best Gaming Subreddits To Follow

1. r/Gaming – 19,045,298 Subscribers

With over 19 million subscribers, r/Gaming is one of the biggest subreddits on the entire site. Full of gaming news, cosplays, gaming hauls, videos, and all kinds of other fun gaming content.

2. r/LeagueOfLegends – 1,862,566 Subscribers

LoL has an enormous following. Whether you’re interested in learning about the game, sharing plays or discussing LCS, r/LeagueOfLegends has you covered.

3. r/PCMasterRace – 1,710,725 Subscribers

For those who shun consoles and love PC gaming, r/PCMasterRace is full of memes you’ll find it easy to relate to.

I have no shame… from pcmasterrace

4. r/Overwatch – 1,475,630 Subscribers

Overwatch is one of the biggest games in the world today, and this sub proves it. You can find updates, guides, Overwatch memes, POTG highlights, OWL discussion and a lot more on r/Overwatch.

5. r/Games – 1,311,289 Subscribers

Similar to r/gaming but with a smaller and more tight-knit community, r/Games has 1.3 million subs and tons of interesting content on gaming of all kinds.

6. r/PS4 – 1,179,946 Subscribers

The PlayStation gaming community is growing, especially with the recent release of Spider-Man for PS4. Fans can find tons of fun stuff at r/PS4.

Marvel’s Spider-Man – Accolades Trailer | PS4 [VIDEO] from PS4

7. r/Pokemon – 1,117,904 Subscribers

It’s no surprise one of the biggest gaming franchises of all time has one of the biggest and best gaming subreddits. All Pokemon games, merchandise, and shows are covered at r/Pokemon.

8. r/buildaPC 1,100,321 Subscribers

For those in search of informative PC gaming content, r/BuildaPC gives detailed guides and answers all your questions on building the best gaming setup.

9. r/XboxOne – 910,091 Subscribers

It might have a couple hundred thousand fewer subscribers than r/PS4, but r/XboxOne is still going strong. Those who prefer Microsoft consoles and games will feel at home here.

10. r/FortniteBR – 879,462 Subscribers

If you need to keep up to date on the frequent Fortnite updates, Fortnite streamers, and watch some sick clips and highlights, follow r/FortniteBR.

So this just happend in the pregame lobby from FortNiteBR

11. r/PCGaming – 844,333 Subscribers

Covering everything from PC gaming news to tech help, r/PCGaming is ideal for computer gamers.

12. r/Hearthstone – 841,008 Subscribers

Blizzard’s competitive digital card game has a ton of players. Whether you’re an experienced player or a complete newbie, you’re welcome at r/Hearthstone.

13. r/WoW – 807,937 Subscribers

Well over a decade since the game’s release, World of Warcraft is still going strong with a dedicated community at r/WoW.

14. r/NintendoSwitch – 800,947 Subscribers

If you’re a fan of Pokemon, Mario, Smash Bros, Splatoon, and all those other great Nintendo Switch titles, follow r/NintendoSwitch.

15. r/Minecraft – 757,378 Subscribers

Minecraft took the world by storm and still has a dedicated following. Players can check out updates, tips, and finely crafted virtual buildings at r/Minecraft.

16. r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS – 736,450 Subscribers

PUBG hasn’t quite reached the popularity of Fortnite, but it isn’t too far off. Fans of the popular survival game can find a lot of cool content at r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS.

After this shot, i think it’s time to retire from PUBATTLEGROUNDS

17. r/DestinyTheGame – 691,091 Subscribers

Bungie’s popular online FPS has a huge following over at r/DestinyTheGame. For updates, guides, and discussion, then follow this sub.

18. r/Nintendo – 683,995 Subscribers

Whether you’re a fan of the Switch, 3DS, Game Boy or anything else associated with Nintendo, it’s worth checking out r/Nintendo.

19. r/GlobalOffensive – 670,846 Subscribers

CS GO has dwindled in popularity a little over the last few years. But it still has a huge fan base and there’s plenty of discussion on r/GlobalOffensive with the FACEIT London Major and recent updates.

When /r/globaloffensive misses a shot in CS:GO from GlobalOffensive

20. r/GameDeals – 557,511 Subscribers

If you want cheap games, follow r/GameDeals. People post the best deals from Steam, Origin, GOG, and a range of other online and physical stores for games.

21. r/Skyrim – 537,762 Subscribers

We still have some time to wait for Elder Scrolls 6, but Skyrim is still massively popular thanks to a string of re-releases. You can view r/Skyrim for all kinds of screenshots, memes, and news.

22. r/Zelda – 535,450 Subscribers

The Legend of Zelda series consistently puts out strong releases. Users on r/Zelda have plenty to talk about, from retro Zelda games to Breath of the Wild on the Switch.

23. r/Steam – 530,454 Subscribers

If you’re looking for new game suggestions or just want to discuss your favorite PC gaming service, r/Steam is a good sub to follow.

24. r/Fallout – 486,464 Subscribers

If you’re replaying Fallout 3 or New Vegas or just want to discuss the upcoming Fallout 76, check out r/Fallout for all kinds of related content.

25. r/Dota2 – 470,601 Subscribers

Valve’s free-to-play MOBA is still one of Steam’s biggest ever games. It also has a big following, with r/Dota2 users regularly discussing the game and tournaments like The International.

4 Man RP into Cataclysm gone wrong… from DotA2

26. r/Rainbow6 – 466,511 Subscribers

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege continues to grow in popularity, as exemplified by the strong community on r/Rainbow6.

27. r/TrueGaming – 385,314 Subscribers

If you want less memes and reposts and more insightful, in-depth discussion on gaming, then r/TrueGaming is one of the best gaming subreddits you can find.

28. r/KerbalSpaceProgram – 377,858 Subscribers

Like Minecraft, this is one indie game that has managed to accumulate a strong and loyal user base. Players can find plenty of fun content on r/KerbalSpaceProgram.

29. r/Twitch – 366,616 Subscribers

If you want news on the biggest Twitch streamers or advice on starting your own channel, follow r/Twitch. You can also check out r/LivestreamFail for some funny and cringe-worthy Twitch clips.

30. r/SmashBros – 358,188 Subscribers

If you’re excited to find out about new Smash Bros Ultimate updates or just want to follow the Smash Bros Melee competitive scene, r/SmashBros has everything covered.

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