PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS has been a esport for just under a year, but already the top PUBG players have made over $7 million combined. The earnings don’t quite match up to the highest paid Fortnite players, but PUBG pros are still making a ton of money. Here are the Top 10 Highest Paid PUBG Players in 2018 according to stats from Esportsearnings.

Top 10 Highest Paid PUBG Players

1. Lionkk – $184,390.15

Chinese player lionkk has made just over $184k from playing PUBG- solid earnings for less than a year. The lion’s share of the earnings come from a $107k windfall with Team OMG in the PUBG Global Invitational 2018. He also won the PUBG China Pro Invitational 2018 and placed well in various other events.

2. Xiaorong – $163,256.97

Another member of Team OMG that shared the massive winnings in the PUBG PGI 2018 FPP tournament. Liao “xiaorong” Liangguang has been making money from PUBG Tournaments ever since December 2017, and the earnings keep getting bigger.

3. silentBT_ – $159,862.66

Wang “silentBT_” Yan is the third member of Team Oh My God to grace the list with just under $160k in 13 tournaments. He’s also made money from various Chinese events.

4. Xiaohaixxxx – $158,219.29

The fourth and final member of the Oh My God roster who took home grand prizes at the PUBG Global Invitational 2018 and PUBG China Pro Invitational 2018 FPP tournaments. He sits slightly behind his teammates, but it’s just as impressive for a player who’s only been playing since March.

5. EscA – $184,688.68

Kim “EscA” In Jae was arguably the MVP of PGI 2018. Not only did he win the TPP tournament with Gen.G Gold, he also won the Charity Showdown against top players and streamers such as shroud and Dr Disrespect. The first Korean player to make the list and one of the best PUBG pro players.

6. Sambty – $138,071.89

The Finnish PUBG pro has been killing it with Team Liquid, placing 2nd at PGI 2018 in both the FPP and TPP tournaments. He also won StarLadder i-League PUBG Season 2 and Polaris Series 2018.

7. Ibiza – $126,821.89

Hailing from the Netherlands, Jord “Ibiza” van Geldere has also won big in various tournaments with Team Liquid.

8. Jeemzz – $126,821.89

Another Team Liquid player with impressive performances. Jeemzz is the 4th highest earning esports player in Norway and the best PUBG player in the country.

9. Simsn – $125,494.68

Simsn has accumulated earnings of over $125k, mainly thanks to his tenure with the Gen.G Gold roster. He made $105,000 from the PUBG Global Invitational alone, but he’s also racked up some money from events such as the AfreecaTV PUBG League.

10. Chelator – $125,123.13

Another Gen.G Gold member and teammate to Simsn and EscA. The Korean player has racked up an impressive $125k in just a few months and 9 tournaments.

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