CS:GO is one of the biggest games in the world and one of the most watched on Twitch. Most popular Twitch streamers have dabbled in Counter-Strike at some point, but here are some of the top CS:GO streamers by most Twitch followers and subs.

1. Shroud – 4,066,999 Twitch Followers (twitch.tv/shroud)

With 54,413 Twitch subscribers, shroud is by far one of the most popular Twitch streamers in the world. Most know him nowadays for Fortnite and playing PUBG Invitationals with Dr Disrespect. However, shroud got his start as a pro player and streamer for the Cloud9 CS:GO team.

He still streams CS:GO matches with his MDL team Old Guys Club, also featuring ex C9 n0thing and seangares.

2. Summit1g – 3,261,236 Twitch Followers (twitch.tv/summit1g)

Just behind Shroud, Summit is the fifth most followed streamer on Twitch and has around 10,000 Twitch subs. While he never reached the same heights as shroud in CS:GO, he was a mainstay in the old days of FPL and an ex-pro player.

His legacy in Counter-Strike lives through the memorable moment of him dying to a Molotov in a pro game with Splyce- now known as getting 1g’d by fans and pros.

3. IzakOOO – 1,046,769 Twitch Followers (twitch.tv/IzakOOO)

He may stream a lot of Fortnite these days, but Izak started off as a Counter-Strike Source and Global Offensive pro and later transitioned to Polish CS:GO commentary. He still regularly streams CS:GO and commentates events on his channel.

4. Anomaly – 931,091 Twitch Followers (twitch.tv/Anomaly)

Anomaly is one of the biggest dedicated CS:GO streamers, known mainly for his case openings and trolling in games. He has a huge following with 20,544,053 views on Twitch and over 500 million YouTube hits.

5. PashaBiceps – 889,997 Twitch Followers (twitch.tv/pashabiceps)

Pasha barely streams at all anymore. But that doesn’t stop the Polish Virtus Pro player from having almost 900,000 Twitch followers. Maybe we’ll see more memorable streams after he retires from professional CS.

6. m0e_TV – 690,000 Twitch Followers (twitch.tv/m0e_tv)

M0e is one of the most polarizing figures in CS:GO, but that doesn’t stop the ex Counter-Strike Source pro from having a huge following. You can usually find m0e giving away skins, making content for YouTube, and raging in FPL-C.

7. GAFalleN – 640,000 Twitch Followers (twitch.tv/GAFalleN)

MiBR FalleN is one of the most popular CS:GO Twitch streamers thanks to his huge Brazilian following and in-game tutorials.

8. ScreaM – 601,370 Twitch Followers (twitch.tv/scream)

They know him for his one taps. The Belgian Headshot Machine gets huge numbers whenever he decides to stream. Hopefully, we’ll see him back on track in his pro career soon.

9. S1mple – 592,549 Twitch Followers (twitch.tv/s1mple)

S1mple is the best CS:GO player of 2018 so far and also one of the most popular CS:GO streamers on Twitch. Whether he’s wrecking shop in ESEA Rank S or getting bullied by Freakazoid, people love to tune in to Ukraine’s top player.

10. Tarik – 542,541 Twitch Followers (twitch.tv/tarik)

From C9 to MiBR, Tarik is one of the top CS:GO streamers as well as one of NA’s best pro players. Fans know him nowadays for his YouTube content.

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