Ever wondered who the most popular teams in esports are? It’s impossible to count every fan of every team, but we can see who are the biggest esports teams with the most Twitter followers.

There are some surprising results- CLG, Team Liquid, and NaVi fall just outside of the list despite having big followings in multiple esports, but overall these are the top 10 most popular esports teams on Twitter.

1. FaZe Clan – 3.45 million

@FaZeClan started off as one of the biggest Call of Duty teams and built an empire through YouTube, with content creators like FaZe Banks and FaZe Rain still getting huge hits. They still have top 3 teams in CS:GO and CoD: WWII.

2. OpTic Gaming – 3.29 million

OG are FaZe Clan’s rivals in everything, including Twitter followers. @OpTicGaming has some of the best teams in Halo 5, Call of Duty, Dota 2, Gears of War, and Overwatch (as the Houston Outlaws).

3. TSM – 1.84 million

Despite dropping their CS:GO and Overwatch teams, @TSM is still huge in NA LCS, Fortnite, and Smash Bros. with major names like TSM Myth, TSM Daequan, and TSM Leffen.

4. Fnatic – 1.13 million

@Fnatic has set records for the most championship titles ever in Valve CS:GO Majors (3) and EU LCS (6). They also have top teams in Rainbow Six: Siege and Dota 2 and a FIFA 18 partnership with AS Roma.

5. Origen – 761k

@Origen is one of the biggest esports teams thanks to their League of Legends following. This year they signed Froggen and went on to dominate the EU Masters in April.

6. Cloud9 – 660k

Surprisingly low for a team that won the last CS:GO major and have a large following in NA LCS. @Cloud9 also has one of the most successful Smash Bros. players in C9 Mang0 and former CS:GO pro C9 shroud is one of the biggest streamers in the world.

7. Team Envy – 542k

Also known as EnVyUs and nV, this org has titles in CS:GO and Call of Duty, although many of their rosters have now disbanded. @Envy is currently competing in Fortnite and Overwatch League as Dallas Fuel.

8. Ninjas in Pyjamas – 516k

@NiPGaming are all-time legends in CS:GO thanks to players like NiP GeT_RiGhT and f0rest. They’ll be competing in the FACEIT CS:GO Major 2018 and are also launching a NiP Fortnite team.

9. OG Esports – 485k

@OGEsports have a huge Twitter presence from their four major championships in Dota 2, although they might occasionally get confused with OpTic Gaming and Origen!

10. Evil Geniuses – 475k

@EvilGeniuses is one of the biggest esports teams of all time with multiple major wins in Dota 2. They also have top players in Street Fighter V and Smash Bros. including EG PPMD and Ricki Ortiz.

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