There are many ways to determine who the best CS:GO players are, from checking their recent stats to their team performances. But when it comes to having an impact at high-level tournaments, it’s worth looking at the CS:GO players with the most MVP medals.

HLTV have given out MVP medals for high-level tournaments since 2016. They also started awarding retroactive MVP awards to the players with the most impact at past events.

Here’s the top 10 CS:GO players with the most HLTV MVP medals.

10. KRIMZ (Fnatic) – 5 MVP Medals

KRIMZ has never been seen as much of a star player. But he’s always been a stable and reliable presence in Fnatic, holding down bombsites and clutching rounds in 3 Major victories and countless event wins thereafter.

9. Olofmeister (FaZe Clan) – 6 MVP Medals

Whether he was destroying teams with the Tec-9 or getting kills with innovative boosts, Olof was indubitably the best CS:GO player of 2015. He’s won 2 majors with Fnatic, picking up the MVP award in one, and still wins events with FaZe to this day.

8. Snax (Mousesports) – 7 MVP Medals

Considered a top 10 player from 2014-2016, Snax was usually the star player for the surging Virtus Pro. Despite a rough 2018, his move to Mousesports could revive his impressive career.

7. GuardiaN (FaZe Clan) – 7 MVP Medals

The Slovakian AWPer had some of his best years in NaVi, where he achieved 4 MVPs in one year. He’s gone on to achieve further success with FaZe, recently being heralded as the HLTV MVP of IEM Sydney 2018.

6. Dev1ce (Astralis) – 7 MVP Medals

Astralis have cemented their place as the #1 CS:GO team in the world right now. A lot of that is thanks to all-around star player dev1ce, who has been picking up MVP medals ever since 2015. His most recent was at ELEAGUE Premier 2018 thanks to Astralis’ dominant performance.

5. S1mple (Natus Vincere) – 7 MVP Medals

S1mple is without a doubt the best player of 2018 so far. If he wins one more MVP medal in 2018, he’ll set a record for the most MVP medals in one year. He’s even managed to pick up MVPs in events where his team lost, highlighting his impact as a player.

4. F0rest (Ninjas in Pyjamas) – 8 MVP Medals

F0rest has a strong claim for the best Counter-Strike player of all time. From arguably the #1 player in CS 1.6 to an 87-0 streak with NiP in CS:GO, he’s been a top player for over a decade. Most of his MVP awards come from 2012-2014, but his most recent was IEM Oakland in 2016.

3. Coldzera (MiBR) – 8 MVP Medals

Coldzera was the undisputed greatest CS:GO player of 2016 and 2017, winning various events including back-to-back majors with Luminosity and SK Gaming. He set a record for most MVP medals in one year with 5 in 2017 that has only been matched by S1mple.

2. GeT_RiGhT (Ninjas in Pyjamas) – 10 MVP Medals

Ninjas in Pyjamas were practically unstoppable in the early days of CS:GO. Between a major title, an 87-0 win streak, and multiple wins at big events, GeT_RiGhT cemented himself as the #1 CS:GO player from 2012-2014. All of his MVP medals come from this period.

1. kennyS (G2) – 10 MVP Medals

The legendary French AWPer has the most MVP medals along with GeT_RiGhT at 10. But what’s more impressive is he’s done it in multiple eras of the game. Kenny has 1 MVP in 2013, 2014, and 2016, 3 in 2015, and a shocking 4 in 2017. 2018 hasn’t been a great year kennyS, but he can come alive at any given time.

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