The first CS:GO Major of 2019 has concluded and Astralis are the IEM Katowice 2019 Champions. While Astralis and ENCE made it to the finals and Magisk took home the MVP award, there were many surprisingly strong performances from players across many teams. Here are the top 10 CS:GO players at IEM Katowice 2019 according to HLTV stats.

Best CS:GO Players at IEM Katowice 2019

10. Autimatic

Autimatic is by far one of NA’s best players. Despite Cloud9’s shortcomings, he had a +27 K/D difference and a 1.19 rating across the 7 maps played by C9.

9. flamie

NaVi may have fallen short, but flamie showed he can be just as much of a star player as teammates s1mple and electronic. Just take his pistol round ACEs against FaZe as a shining example.

8. Fer

MIBR had something of a renaissance at IEM Katowice. The Brazilian roster went back to their SK Gaming roots. And as part of the deal, fer showed just how effective his aggressive playstyle can be. He put up a 1.20 rating across 9 maps.

7. Stanislaw

Probably the most surprising entry on the list. Stanislaw rose above many players at the major with a 1.20 rating across 7 maps. Despite being the in-game leader of compLexity and his team only winning 3 maps, he had some solid individual performances, including a 45-29 score in their overtime victory against NRG.

6. Dupreeh

Dupreeh was as strong as ever, regularly getting entries and impact kills for Astralis. He won his third major, second back-to-back, all despite losing his father earlier in the week. His post-match interview said it all.

5. Coldzera

Much like fer, coldzera appears to be reaching his vintage form with his bombsite partner TACO back in tow. He hit a 1.26 rating with many important plays for MIBR.

4. Magisk

Magisk had a 1.28 rating at Katowice, but he was very close behind the top 3. In fact, his defining plays and dominant performances throughout all maps made him the official IEM Katowice 2019 MVP.

3. Xyp9x

In many of Astralis’ big map wins, it was Xyp9x’s clutches that kept their momentum going. He won 6 clutches throughout the tournament and also had the least overall deaths per round of any player.

2. S1mple

It’s no surprise to see s1mple right near the top of the leaderboards as usual. With a +76 kill to death difference and a 1.29 rating overall, he showed again why he’s considered the greatest.

1. Dev1ce

Dev1ce had an incredible performance with a 1.32 rating in 11 maps. He had a +74 K/D diff and an incredible 70% success in opening duels. Dev1ce may just be the best player in CS:GO right now and is undoubtedly a massive part of Astralis’ success.

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