Ranking the best CS:GO players can be a tricky task. Who’s truly the best can be largely subjective, and IGLs and Entry Fraggers aren’t always well-represented by their stats. But between HLTV ratings, career earnings, and tournament wins, we can get a pretty good idea about who are the top 10 best CS:GO players of 2018 so far.

Top 10 Best CS:GO Players of 2018


In past years, KRIMZ has usually been outshone by teammates like olofmeister, JW, and flusha. In 2018, he’s outfragged them all, putting up a 1.12 HLTV rating with 1.22 at Majors.

9. Gla1ve

Lukas ‘gla1ve’ Rossander might deserve an even higher ranking. He has a 1.11 HLTV rating and 1.15 at Big Events, but what’s truly impressive is he’s done it while in-game leading Astralis to multiple tournament wins, including his second major victory.

8. coldzera

It’s been a rough year for MiBR. The Brazilian core (now with added NA) has failed to win any premier events this year. Despite that, coldzera has shown a lot of resilience, putting up a 1.17 Big Event rating throughout various team changes and struggles.

7. dupreeh

Peter ‘dupreeh’ Rasmussen has a 1.17 at Big Events this year- impressive given his position as Astralis’ entry fragger. The two-time major winner has been a key part in Astralis’ dominant reign for the majority of 2018.

6. NAF

While not usually brought up in best player discussions, Canadian Keith ‘NAF’ Markovic has quietly amassed a 1.18 rating at Big Events and asserted himself as NA’s top talent this year.

5. Magisk

Magisk’s abilities have stood out ever since his time on the Danish SK Gaming roster. After being booted from North in one of the most bizarre roster cuts of all time, he joined Astralis and became the last piece in the puzzle to bring them to #1 in the world.

4. Electronic

Electronic is to s1mple as Magisk is to dev1ce. Since joining NaVi in December 2017, Dennis Sharipov has picked up 5 tournament wins and recently made his first major final. At just 20 years old, the sky’s the limit for the Russian prodigy.

3. NiKo

FaZe Clan has had an up and down year but one of the things to remain stable is NiKo’s performance. He boasts a 1.26 rating at Big Events, putting him right up there in the top three.

2. Dev1ce

Dev1ce and NiKo are almost dead-level in terms of stats. But after winning 4 big events in 2018 and picking up his second major win, there’s no doubt the Great Dane is one of the greatest in Global Offensive.

1. s1mple

With a 1.35 HLTV rating, 1.34 at Big Events, and the most MVP medals in 2018, s1mple is miles ahead of his competitors this year no matter which way you cut it. A major win still eludes him, despite three major finals in two different teams. But at just under 21 years old, he has plenty of time to cement his reign as the CS:GOAT.

Honorable mentions: flamie, Xyp9x, GuardiaN, suNny, oskar, EliGE

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