Epic fails can happen to anyone in any game and that does include professional gamers who are playing in front of thousands in the arena and potentially millions around the world watching them at home.

If like me, you’re known in your friend’s group as being a bit of a butter-legs when it comes to anything to do with jumping or moving in a tight space, then you’ll know what I mean.

But me falling off the map while attempting to jump down for a bomb plant on COD is just expected now.

However, are pro gamers expected to fail? I mean, they put thousands of hours of practice to become some of the best in the world but does that mean they can’t slip up every now and then?

Well, we’re taking a look at some gamers who epically failed at some major events.

1. The Summit Molly

I mean, where better to start? The birthplace of a barrage of memes and jokes that are still found on Summit’s Twitch streams to this day.

Playing at the DreamHack Open in Austin back in 2016, Summit – real name Jaryd Lazar, was a last minute inclusion to Splyce’s team.

With them needing a win over CLG and taking a commanding what should have been 16-11 lead to possibly make it out of the group stage.

Then left with a clutch, Summit did the cardinal sin of any Counter-Strike game… molotoving yourself.

Not only did he get burned by the molly, but his team ended up losing the map and the next round at a $250,000 event.

But, instead of being tilted about it, Summit has taken it all on board and is a running joke that always brings in the laughs.

Still… as epic fails go, this really does have to be up there, right? RIGHT?!

2. Instant Karma

Get. Turned. On.

If you’re left with a 1v1 on any game, regardless of the score, just get the job done and don’t try and style out a kill.

Well, when it came to TSM’s Pacman vs Optic Gaming’s Karma, Pacman decided to get a bit cheeky with his final kill.

Waiting for Karma to plant the bomb and then jump in and drop him, Pacman literally had a good six seconds to shoot and even walked up right behind Karma.

However, he literally did get some karma for not taking the shot as Karma turned on him to bring the game back level 3-3.

Even the casters said there has never been a bigger fail than this and it’s hard to argue with them, to be honest.

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Everyone can be a bit prone to this one, from footballers to your friends in a game of poker…celebrating before the game is over.

But to be fair, if you had thought you’d won $11,000, you might also be a bit overexcited.

And that’s exactly what happened during the semi-final of the Guilty Gear Xrd at EVO 2015.

Woshige pulled off an epic come back against Ogawa and despite forgetting that he had already lost one round, he thought it was all over.

So stood up, started celebrating…kept celebrating and was still celebrating once the final game had started and didn’t stop until Ogawa was almost done with whipping him.

Don’t celebrate too early, kids!

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