Valve has confirmed that the new CS:GO MP5-SD gun will not be used in the upcoming FACEIT London Major. Major team HellRaisers reported the update on Twitter.

The rule might seem strange to some- so far the MP5-SD seems like nothing more than a glorified MP7 with a silencer. But any gun can change up the competitive meta and with the MP5 still not enabled in competitive play, major teams have no time to test its viability.

However, the lack of MP5-SD at the Major may also suggest new changes are coming in the next month.

CS:GO MP5-SD Updates – Nerf? Buff? New Skins?

It’s no guarantee, but it’s likely we’ll see more updates to the MP5 within the next couple of months.

In the past, Valve have often jumped the gun with releasing new weapons before altering their stats to be viable in the game.

The introduction of the overpowered R8 Revolver in 2015 infuriated the competitive community before it was nerfed to be about as useful as a cardboard steak knife.

So far, the MP5-SD stats practically mirror the MP7’s. Although, the silencer adds some greater tactical abilities to the MP5. Valve may look to alter the stats to differentiate the two guns before introducing it to Competitive play.

Most likely, the next MP5 update will involve some new skins. Currently, the MP5-SD has no skins available and with a possible operation coming in the next few months, we can finally see some color added to the MP5.

FACEIT CS:GO London Major – When does it start?

With the best CS:GO teams in the world attending the upcoming London major, the lack of the MP5 won’t do much to ruin it.

The Challenger’s stage starts just a few short days away on September 5th and proceedings will carry on all the way through to 23 September. You can find full details on the FACEIT London Major website.

Valve has been making big updates to accommodate the major, including new team stickers and graffitis and even a free version of CS:GO to watch the major and predict the results!

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