The Tekken World Tour 2018 winner is one nobody was betting on. In a huge upset, Rangchu took over the tournament using Panda to take out the competition. The grand finals came to him and Qudans, one of the top Tekken 7 players in the world. However, Rangchu beat his Devil Jin and took home the Grand Prize.

Tekken World Tour 2018 Results

Tekken World Tour 2018 featured 20 top players battling it out for a $25,000 prize pool in Amsterdam.

Players such as Knee, Qudans, Jeondding, Saint, and LowHigh were all in attendance, making Rangchu’s victory even more impressive.

Rangchu topped Group A 3-1 with Chanel close behind. Jimmyjtran and Jeondding won Group B with identical results. Qudans dominated Group C, finishing 4-0 with Joey Fury passing with for 2nd with 2-2. Knee and Nobi made it to the top of Group D with 3-1 scorelines.

Qudans stormed through the Final Bracket using his Devil Jin to take out Jimmyjtran and Knee without much resistance. However, he ran into an unexpected monster in the finals.

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Rangchu lost his first match against Knee- opting to choose Geese and Feng over his mains Panda or Kuma. However, he made his way all the way back up the Losers Bracket beating Jeondding, Chanel, and finally getting his revenge on Knee, this time as Panda.

In the Grand Finals, Rangchu stuck to his guns and beat Qudans 3-1 to reset the bracket. It was a tense battle, with Rangchu surviving two rage drives in subsequent rounds to come back and win at one point, not to mention a Double KO.

After resetting the bracket, he went on to beat Qudans in another 3-1 set to become the Tekken World Tour 2018 champion.

You can see the full brackets and results at Liquipedia.

Tekken World Tour 2018 Winner – First Panda Champion!

Ranchu upset the world to become the Tekken World Tour 2018 champion. Not only did no one expect him to win over the world’s best players, but no one expected to see a Panda champion.

While Kuma and Panda are largely considered some of the lowest tier characters, especially in comparison to S-Tier fighters like Devil Jin. However, Rangchu showed that it’s possible to use characters effectively to prove Tier Lists wrong.

He won $7,500 for his World Tour victory and, while he isn’t one of the highest earning Tekken 7 players, he’s shown he’s one to watch for the future.

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