New Tekken 7 DLC is available now. New DLC characters Marduk and Armor King are available for download with the new 2.10 patch. They join previously released Tekken Season 2 DLC characters Anna and Lei in the roster, with Negan and Julia soon to follow.

While the release date for Negan and Julia in Tekken 7 isn’t known yet, it’s likely they’ll be available for the game in early 2019. However, a new gameplay trailer has been released showing off how Negan in Tekken will look.

Tekken 7 DLC – Armor King and Marduk Available Now

The Tekken World Tour 2018 Finals concluded last night and, just before the quarter-finals, the game’s director hit the stage to announce new Tekken 7 DLC.

Armor King, Marduk, and Julia will join the Tekken 7 roster, joining previously released fighters Anna and Lei Wulong.

Armor King and Marduk are available now with the Tekken 7 2.10 patch. You can download the 1.5GB update from the PlayStation Store.

New gameplay trailers were also shown for the new Tekken 7 DLC fighters. A teaser for Julia shows at the end of Armor King’s video.

Negan in Tekken 7 – New Gameplay Trailer

Negan in Tekken 7 was announced all the way back in Evo 2018. However, a brand new gameplay trailer shows fans what they have to be excited for.

The trailer mimics Negan’s notorious introduction scene from The Walking Dead. However, the Tekken 7 characters choose to fight back, leading to footage of Negan’s gameplay.

As you’d expect, he uses the iconic Lucille in battle, with some great moves and combos.

Tekken 7 is no stranger to crossover characters. Other fighters on the roster include Noctis from Final Fantasy XV and Akuma from Street Fighter. Still, the popular TV character is the most shocking inclusion yet.

Negan isn’t available yet but should be in early 2019 along with the last Tekken Season Pass 2 character, Julia.

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