It’s only been a few months since the new Vitality team formed, but there are already some Team Vitality CS:GO roster changes. Yesterday, the organization announced that Happy will be benched from the team. Today, they announce that ALEX has joined Team Vitality in his place.

While NBK, apEX, and Happy have a lot of history as the major-winning EnVyUs roster, it seems the players didn’t gel so well this time around. ALEX will replace Happy in the squad going forward. The former LDLC player will play alongside NBK, apEx, RPK, and Zywoo.

Team Vitality CS:GO Roster Changes – ALEX Joins Vitality

The new roster changes bring Alex ‘ALEX’ McMeekin to the team.

ALEX formerly played with French team LDLC alongside LOGAN, Amanek, devoduvek, and to1nou. The UK player is fluent in French, so communication won’t be a problem for the team.

According to an HLTV article, ALEX previously led LDLC, although he’ll now play under the leadership of NBK. With Happy known for his more passive playstyle, ALEX’s aggression should help change up the team’s style and hopefully bring them to new heights.

Team Vitality Roster Changes – Happy Out

With ALEX joining the roster, Happy is now benched from Team Vitality.

The organization sent out a Tweet yesterday claiming the team didn’t click as well as expected. It may be due to a difference of playstyles or personal conflicts within the team, who have played with each other in previous rosters before.

Where Happy ends up next is yet to be seen. Meanwhile, the new Team Vitality will soon compete in the IEM Katowice 2019 Europe Minor, starting on January 16th. Other teams competing include Windigo, Optic, North, and Mousesports.

The new team will be led by NBK. With some past veterans and fresh new faces, Team Vitality will be of the CS:GO teams to watch out for in 2019.

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