Team Vitality CS:GO is coming very soon. Former Team Waterboys, consisting of NBK, apEX, ZywOo, RPK, and Happy are set to sign with Vitality this weekend. French CS:GO site Vakarm broke the news in a Tweet.

The Tweet by translates to:

* aAa * formalizes the departure of @zywoo_csgo.

Waterboys players are currently in Paris and should sign their new contract this weekend.

The formalization is imminent.

New Team Vitality CS:GO

Team Vitality is a large French esports organization. They have teams and players in League of Legends, Rainbow Six Siege, Hearthstone, and many other games.

A new Vitality CS:GO roster has been teased and speculated for a long time. It now seems close to official. Team *aAa* announced the departure of ZywOo today, and reputable sources in the French community report that Waterboys are close to signing.

The team is currently playing in the GG.BET IEM Chicago 2018 Qualifier. They’ve won both of their matches so far.

With the backing of a big organization and the combined skills of former major winners and ZywOo, CS:GO’s next star player, they could crack the top 10 sooner rather than later.

kennyS Leaving G2?

The new Team Vitality roster might not be the only shakeup in the French Counter-Strike scene. According to neL of VPEsports, kennyS could be leaving G2 by February 2019.

Every G2 player other than kennyS has renewed their contract with G2. This could mean ongoing negotiations or it could suggest kennyS moving to a new team. However, if kennyS leaves, it wouldn’t happen until later and won’t affect the Team Vitality roster.

G2 has had disappointing results ever since signing their new roster, failing to win any events. Although Kenny has maintained positive stats throughout the year, leaving for greener pastures wouldn’t be surprising.

With other surprising post-major roster changes such as flusha to Cloud9, anything seems possible in the 2018-2019 CS:GO landscape.

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