Is King K.Rool Smash Ultimate’s most popular character?

It might not be out for months yet, but someone has already figured out everyone’s favourite Smash Bros Ultimate characters. Previously, Link had been the most popular character around. However, there may be a new favourite, with new characters such as Banjo Kazooie and Skull Kid rumoured.

There have even been rumours that we could get Minecraft’s Steve as a playable character.

In spite of all of these big names, it looks like the most wanted addition to the game is someone who has been wanted for years now. King K.Rool is someone that every Smash fan has wanted ever since they put his trophy in Smash Melee back in 2001.

Every game since then, The Donkey Kong antagonist has played a part in Smash Bros games but never been playable.

Well, we now know that he will be after Nintendo revealed the Kremling king and Simon Belmont as new characters. This will be great news for fans, especially after one Reddit user showed King K.Rool was the most wanted and most popular character by miles.

Does King K.Rool rule the roost?

More than 7% of users polled voted for him which was almost 3% more than the ever-popular Isaac from Golden Sun. Banjo Kazooie came in third, while Shovel Knight, Bayonetta and Wolf were miles behind.

This data, provided by user Birdbrain103 also showed that in America and Europe, Banjo Kazooie was more popular than King.K.Rool. BK pulled in a whopping 9% of that vote, with the King down in third with 8%. However, Donkey Kong’s nemesis was much more popular in Japan so ended up number 1 globally.

We cannot wait to get K. Rool’s blunderbuss out and start throwing crown’s at fools.

Is King K.Rool Smash Ultimate’s most popular character? Well, it looks like he might just be!

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