The Super Smash Bros Ultimate Online Mode looks like it’ll be the best ever in a Smash Bros game. The game comes shortly after the release of Nintendo Switch Online– Nintendo’s new paid online service that promises better online multiplayer.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Online Mode is packed with great features geared towards both casual and competitive play. Players can create matches with custom rules, play in 4-player battles, and even climb their way through the ranks. Here’s what we know so far.

Smash Bros Ultimate Online Mode – New Matchmaking

Smash Ultimate Online Mode will feature a new matchmaking system. The choice between ‘For Fun’ and ‘For Glory’ is gone. More details were shown in the recent Smash Bros Ultimate Nintendo Direct.

Players will instead be able to set their preferred rules, choosing whether to use items, stock or time, and the format of battle. You can save these custom rulesets to make it easy to start a match in the future.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Online Mode Features - Custom Rules

The matchmaking system will match players up based on their preferred rulesets. You can also choose no preferred rules to make things easier. Players will also be matched to closer players, meaning less lag.

Smash Bros Ultimate Online Mode – Global Smash Power Ranking

Players will accumulate a Global Smash Power (GSP) score throughout their battles. This creates a ranking system where players will be matched with players of a similar skill level.

You’ll also get a separate GSP score for each character reflecting how successfully you use them. Unused characters will get a placeholder GSP based on your other scores.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Online Mode - GSP

When your GSP is high enough, you’ll be able to enter Elite Battles. Here, you’ll face off against the best of the best to fight for higher rankings.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Online Mode - Elite Smash

Smash Bros Ultimate Online Mode – 4 Player Battles

Smash Bros Ultimate Online Mode will also feature 4 player battles! You can play 4 Player Smash or even team up with a friend locally or online for 2v2 matches.

More info about 4-player online mode was revealed in the recent Smash Bros Ultimate Overview trailer, starting at 5:53.

This will create some of the most exciting online battles with players teaming up to create the best pairs. You can also create arenas for friends and other players to join.

All in all, Smash Bros Ultimate online play offers something for everyone. Whether you want to compete for the best rank, battle against friends or compete in 2v2 battles, there are more options than ever.

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