Sakurai has confirmed 28 hours of Super Smash Bros Ultimate Music, and it’s not just Nintendo games that top the list. In fact, there are some very interesting inclusions, such as two hours combined of Street Fighter, Sonic, and Pac-Man music. Does this hint at new characters coming?

Some of the in-game music is already available to listen to on the Smash Bros Ultimate website, such as Bloody Tears from CastleVania and Vega Stage from Street Fighter. Here’s a full breakdown of the currently confirmed Super Smash Bros Ultimate Music.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Music List

Sakurai has promised 800 tracks from different series along with 100 Smash Bros tracks, adding up to 28 hours of music. Players will be able to use any song from a series in related stages and even create playlists. Here is the music we saw on the August Smash Direct:

  • Metroid Series – 25 (00:52:31)
  • Yoshi Series – 14 (00:29:42)
  • Kirby Series – 39 (01:14:07)
  • Star Fox Series – 17 (00:31:46)
  • Game & Watch Series – 2 (00:04:15)
  • Wii Fit Series – 10 (00:22:24)
  • Sonic Series – 20 (00:42:49)
  • Bayonetta Series – 11 (00:34:23)
  • Final Fantasy VII – 2 (00:03:28)
  • Street Fighter Series – 36 (00:56:13)
  • PAC-MAN Series – 13 (00:30:46)
  • CastleVania Series – 34 tracks
  • The Legend of Zelda Series – 19 tracks (and more to come)
  • Other – 97 (03:25:05)
‘Other’ Series includes Wrecking Crew and Ice Climbers – Source

More Zelda, Street Fighter, Pac-Man, and Sonic in Smash Bros Ultimate?

It’s no surprise to see first-party Nintendo titles like Metroid and Sakurai’s own Kirby series get a lot of music.

It’s also not surprising to see CastleVania get a whole 34 tracks. In addition to Simon and Richter Belmont confirmed as characters, Smash Bros Ultimate is also getting a CastleVania stage, an Alucard Assist Trophy, and a potential Dracula boss fight.

There are 34 CastleVania tracks in Smash Bros Ultimate – Source

But what does this mean for third-party series like Street Fighter, Sonic, and Pac-Man, which have more tracks than most Nintendo titles?

The Street Fighter series is getting 36 tracks, including Vega Stage. With so much SF content, are we getting a new stage and even Street Fighter Ken in Smash Bros Ultimate?

More Zelda Music coming to Smash Bros Ultimate? – Source

The amount of Sonic music also suggests we’ll see more related content. Shadow the Hedgehog as an Echo Fighter is a popular theory. With 20 tracks, we might even see a new stage. Casino Night Zone for Smash Bros Ultimate?

It’s also interesting that the announcement hinted at more Zelda tracks to come. These may come with the announcement of Skull Kid in Smash Bros Ultimate.

There’s a lot to look forward to with Smash Bros Ultimate- Sakurai is trying to please more fans than ever. We might even see Ms. Pac-Man enter the roster.

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