Super Smash Bros Ultimate is still just over 2 months away from release. However, it’s already made it to the top of’s Best Selling Games of 2018!

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Is's Best Selling Game of 2018

While PlayStation and Xbox Gift cards are the highest selling items, Super Smash Bros Ultimate is the highest selling physical game on the Best Sellers list. So just how has Smash Bros Ultimate become so popular already, and what does it mean for the game?

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Buying Options

Nintendo has attracted many consumers with a range of options for those looking to play the game upon release.

The game itself costs $59.99 on However, there’s also a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Special Edition available for pre-order, which includes the game, a Nintendo GameCube Controller and adapter, and a special limited edition Steelbook.

The special edition package has already caught the interest of a lot of fans. A theory developed that there’s 2 new characters for the Smash Bros Ultimate Launch Roster due to the empty spaces on the box.

There’s also a special edition Super Smash Bros Ultimate Nintendo Switch Console. The bundle comes with a specially designed console, a download code for the game, and Smash Bros branded joycons.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate – Biggest Esport of 2019?

Nintendo is going all out for their latest release, and it looks like it could be the next big esport.

Smash Bros has long had a close-knit, homegrown esports scene. But with demos of Smash Bros Ultimate available at various events and huge sales already, Smash Bros Ultimate could be the biggest upcoming esport game.

While the best sellers list doesn’t account for physical downloads, Smash Bros Ultimate has already hit an impressive high. With months before the release date and new announcements to come, sales will likely grow closer to the December 7th launch.

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