The Super Smash Bros Ultimate Invitational is coming to ELEAGUE! Unfortunately, this isn’t a new tournament, but rather a televised airing of the E3 2018 Smash Bros Ultimate Invitational. Still, fans will be able to rewatch the action and a host of new fans will be introduced to competitive Smash.

Nintendo has partnered up with ELEAGUE, an esports brand known for hosting tournaments in everything from CS:GO to Street Fighter V. While this is simply a rerun of the E3 2018 Smash Ultimate event, it does show some promise for huge Smash Bros tournaments in future.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Invitational on ELEAGUE

The trailer posted by ELEAGUE says the Smash Bros Ultimate tournament will air in November. ELEAGUE airs every Friday at 11 PM ET/PT on TBS.

ELEAGUE Broadcasts are often hosted in other parts of the world on and other streaming platforms. You’ll be able to find more details closer to the date on ELEAGUE’s How To Watch page.

The broadcast will relive the action of the E3 2018 Super Smash Bros Ultimate Invitational. The tournament features names like ZeRo, Armada, MkLeo, Plup, Abadango, Mang0, Lucky, and Mr. R.

More ELEAGUE Smash Bros Tournaments in Future?

Nintendo partnering up with the Turner/IMG owned franchise suggests we may see more Smash Bros Ultimate on ELEAGUE in future. There’s no guarantee, but it’s definitely a promising sign.

ELEAGUE have hosted various CS:GO events, in addition to Tekken, Street Fighter V, and Rocket League tournaments. With huge fan support already accumulating for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, they may take on Nintendo’s prime fighting esport next.

With more organizations onboard and events already set up for the new game, Smash Bros Ultimate could be the biggest upcoming esport. Keep your eye out in 2019 for some huge Smash Bros Ultimate events.

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