It’s been a week since the Super Smash Bros Ultimate game leaked early and the Smash Ultimate leaks continue to pick up! The Smash Bros Ultimate Final Boss for World of Light has now leaked in a new video on YouTube from a user with a pirated copy.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Final Boss Leaks

The new video appears to show the final boss in Smash Bros Ultimate World of Light. Previous leaked World of Light cutscenes showed us two major antagonists- Galeem and Dharkon.

From what we can deduce in the cutscenes, these two bosses are a force of light and force of darkness working against each other. Cutscenes show both Galeem winning over Dharkon and vice versa.

The new leaked Smash Ultimate video shows Simon Belmont and Cloud battling both Galeem and Dharkon simultaneously. It also shows that when characters die, the next one comes into battle- similar to the Subspace Emissary in Smash Bros Brawl.

It could also be that there are different versions and endings for World of Light. Leaks already show that there’s a New Game Plus feature, and speculation has it there could be three campaigns- a World of Light, Dark, and a balance of both.

More Smash Ultimate Leaks

The new Final Boss leak is just the tip of the iceberg of all the information revealed for Super Smash Bros Ultimate already.

More Smash Bros Ultimate Classic Mode Bosses have leaked, along with the titles for each player’s single player campaign. Some of the Smash Bros Ultimate bosses leaked for classic mode include Ganon, Marx, Giga Bowser, and Crazy Hand.

It’s unclear whether Galeem and Dharkon will make an appearance in Classic Mode. Right now, it appears that they’re simply the enemies you’ll face in the Smash Bros Ultimate Adventure Mode.

Other characters and bosses will also appear in WoL. In fact, leaks show that you can unlock Spirits and even Fighters via the Story Mode!

The wait for fans will finally be over next week when Smash Bros Ultimate launches on December 7th.

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