An official Super Smash Bros Ultimate Character Unlock Chart has been released! The tree diagram shows how to unlock all Smash Ultimate characters via Classic Mode. Each Character’s Classic Mode Campaign can unlock a specific character. The Fighter they unlock can then unlock the next character, and so on. Here’s the full chart.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Character Unlock Chart

An official guide on how to unlock each character in Smash Bros Ultimate was posted by u/realemoryman3 on Reddit.

This shows who you can expect to unlock with each character’s Classic Mode run. For instance, Mario will unlock Sonic first, Sonic will unlock Bayonetta, Bayonetta will unlock Little Mac, and so on.

Some characters can also unlock multiple fighters. For instance, Mario can unlock Pokemon Trainer if you’ve already unlocked Sonic. Reddit user u/dabomb1426 also created a concise diagram to more accurately explain how to unlock each character in Smash Ultimate.

Unlocking Characters in Smash Ultimate

While the character unlock chart covers Classic Mode, there are multiple other methods for unlocking characters in Smash Ultimate.

So far, it seems these are the three main unlock methods:

  • Unlock characters via the Spirits Mode ‘World of Light’ Adventure. Characters you unlock in this story mode will be fully unlocked throughout the game.
  • Unlock characters once every 10 minutes in-game. You can play Smash Mode, Classic Mode, World of Light Mode or other modes. You must move a certain distance in between unlocking characters. Challenges will show up after you exit these modes or finish a battle.
  • Unlock characters via Classic Mode.

If you lose a battle to unlock a character, you can try again via the Challenger’s Approach menu. This appears sporadically throughout the game. Check the Games and More menu between battles to see it.

Of course, the way to unlock DLC fighters is a little different. You can get Piranha Plant Free, and other DLC characters such as Joker from Persona 5 will be released in paid Challenger Packs.

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