The 2019 CS:GO roster changes keep on coming. After bombing out of the IEM Katowice 2019 Qualifiers, it seems the mousesports CS:GO team will undergo some major changes. STYKO and ChrisJ leave mousesports to make way for two currently unknown players. Mousesports coach LMBT will also leave the team.

ChrisJ has been with the organization ever since 2013, whereas STYKO recently rejoined after previously being kicked. It seems that the team now want to rebuild around their young talents, although there are some theories on who will join.

STYKO, ChrisJ Leave Mousesports

After a string of bad performances, STYKO and ChrisJ will leave the mousesports CS:GO roster. The organization announced the changes on Twitter.

Changes to the team were inevitable after their failure to make it to the IEM Katowice Major. However, the loss of ChrisJ comes as somewhat of a surprise.

The Dutch player has been with mousesports through various roster changes over the years. He also acted as both a secondary AWPer and IGL for the team.

While STYKO didn’t have the best stats, he was brought back to mouz for his solid ability as a support player.

Sunny spoke about the changes in a press release:

Parting ways after one and a half years and 19 offline tournaments is not easy but sometimes a few steps back, can be multiple steps forward. There are no hard feelings or any bad blood inside the team, we just drove ourselves into a situation we couldn’t get out of and something had to change. It was the most successful run for all of us and I hope that this will change the careers of all of us for the better. Thank you guys for everything. Looking forward to a new and fresh chapter now, where we can be consistent contenders for titles again

Karrigan To Join Mousesports?

With their IGL gone, many believe mousesports may plan to pick up karrigan. The ex FaZe in-game leader could potentially bring more tactical guidance to the team.

Karrigan was left teamless recently after FaZe decided to go in a new direction. However, with proven IGLs in high demand, mousesports could be a shining opportunity for him.

As for the fifth spot, many CS:GO players are currently free agents. Smooya left BIG which makes him available, however, mousesports don’t necessarily need another AWPer. Cromen is another option. The player proved himself in his stint as a stand-in for FaZe last year.

Mousesports will announce the new changes soon.


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