What are some of the best Steam Summer Sale bargains?

The Steam Sale ends in just less than 24 hours now, so these are your final chances to get a bargain.

At the start of the sale, we showed off five great games that you absolutely should have bought. Now with the sale winding down – and my belly rumbling because I’ve spent all my money on games rather than food – what better time to look at 5 more things to buy?

Again, these are some personal favourites, or very highly rated games, so credit cards at the ready.

1. Victor Vran

Imagine Diablo but totally casual and willing to make fun of itself – while dishing out plenty of pop culture references? Well, that is what you are in store for with this RPG.

The visuals are great and the gameplay is fantastic – even when you are getting swarmed by enemies you feel in control because of how fluid, and intuitive, it all is.

Hunting demons and killing MASSIVE spiders has never been so much fun!

2. For Honor

This game’s launch was a complete mess and put a lot of people off it. It wasn’t balanced, connections were horrendous, and it seemed like just another dud from Ubisoft.

However, they’ve managed to totally turn it around within a year; making it into the very fun game we all knew it could have been. Sure, it isn’t totally balanced, but the dedicated servers mean that you can finally have fun without lagging all the time.

It is currently free to play on Uplay, so give it a go there before making your final decision.


3. Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2

You will absolutely love this game, it is a total gem. Released back in March of this year, this is the sequel to one of the best indie games of 2014.

Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2 is bigger, louder and full of way more blood and guts. There are Nazis, zombies, and giant monsters to gun down with your handy Tommy gun, or a grenade launcher.

Seriously, cannot recommend this game enough – it is easily one of the best Steam Summer Sale bargains.

4. Batman: The Enemy Within

Another classic from Telltale Games which could see Batman team up with the Joker to fight off the ‘Agency’; or see him make Bruce Wayne’s life a living hell by partnering with Harley Quinn.

Either way, this is a lot of fun and given that the final episode was only released in March, you are getting your money’s worth here for all 5 episodes.

5. PC Building Simulator

Because how else will you learn?

This one was of those games that I drunkenly bought as a joke and now have over 50 hours of play time on. It does sound like a silly thing to make a game around, however, it is addicting and for those who have never built a PC or want to know how it is a good way to practice.

At least it’s cheaper than putting your £400 CPU in wrong.

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