Snake Codecs in Smash Bros Ultimate are back! Super Smash Bros Ultimate will feature the Snake Codec conversations easter egg from Super Smash Bros Brawl. The leaks were uncovered by a Smash Ultimate date miner on Twitch by the name of goygoy2.

Snake Codecs in Smash Bros Ultimate Leaks

Data shows that Snake Codecs will return in Smash Bros Ultimate. These will likely work the same as in Super Smash Bros Brawl, where players used Snake’s taunt to open a Codec Conversation about the opposing character.

However, it appears that Codecs are only included for the characters who previously appeared in Brawl.

However, that doesn’t mean there’s no hope for new characters. David Hayter previously discussed the possibility of Codec Calls for Smash Bros Ultimate, stating that he’d be open to recording them for new characters.

I have offered to Nintendo that I would certainly do that if they wanted to. I would love to do that for all the characters.

It seems there’ll be regular updates to the game, including a Day One patch for Smash Bros Ultimate. This means Codecs for new Smash Ultimate fighters could come at any time.

More Smash Ultimate Leaks

The leaks on Twitch also show that Palutena’s Guidances in Smash Bros Ultimate are included for every fighter on the roster.

These work much like Snake Codecs, with Palutena and Viridi giving Pit advice on each character. You can see them on the Palutena’s Temple map when you use Pit’s down taunt.

Other leaks include new Smash Bros Ultimate Spirits, how to unlock characters, and upcoming Mii Costumes. You can check out all of these in our Super Smash Bros section.

It seems that Sakurai and Nintendo have truly gone all out for Smash Ultimate. In addition to Snake Codecs and Palutena’s Guidances, there could be some extra Easter Eggs to discover later in the game.

We’re now only a few days from launch and the hype continues to build. Keep an eye on Elecspo for more Smash Ultimate news and info.

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