An incident with refrezh over an FPL game got smooya banned from FPL. Tensions grew between the players as refrezh made multiple poor choices. Smooya responded by telling refrezh to stop throwing and telling him to ‘kill himself’. Smooya explains the ban in a Twitter post.

smooya Banned from FPL

The incident kicked off when refrezh was on Team Smooya in a FACEIT Pro League game. Despite being at a close 6-8 scoreline, clips show refrezh taking risks reminiscent of a Gold Nova player.

Other clips shown on Reddit have refrezh pushing smokes and jumping around corners with his knife out. While smooya saw it as a throw, refrezh maintains that he simply took risks due to his own irritation.

However, smooya didn’t respond too well to the poor plays. A Twitch clip from lobanjicaa’s Stream shows how smooya describes the incident.

You have no idea how this guy just threw. I had to call him a fucking bitch and shit for him to start trying. Then it went to overtime and he stopped trying and I literally told him to go kill himself.

Dexerto initially reported smooya’s ban, showing a screenshot of FACEIT Mikey giving clarification on the incident. The ban is only temporarily, and smoooya will soon be back in FPL after the incident clears up.

What’s Next for smooya?

It hasn’t been the best week for smooya. The player decided to leave the BIG CS:GO roster two weeks before the major. Since then, he’s also got an FPL suspension.

The UK player was seen as one of CS:GO’s top prospects last year. In addition to impressive performances with BIG, he built a huge fanbase, especially of UK fans seeing him as the region’s last hope.

However, these incidents aren’t likely to end smooya’s career. With many teams looking for dedicated AWPers, smooya will likely find a new home in Counter-Strike. However, it’s likely to be a much lower ranked team than BIG.

Smooya is technically BIG’s coach for the Major, so any future team changes will likely come after IEM Katowice ends on March 3rd.

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