The first Smash Ultimate Summit took place this weekend, and the winner is no surprise. There were 16 Smash Ultimate players who got in either via fan ballot, invite or via their high placements in Genesis 6 or Ultimate Nimbus. Here are the Smash Ultimate Summit results.

Smash Ultimate Summit Singles Results

The Smash Ultimate Summit Singles tournament featured many top names from both Melee and Smash 4. Players such as Nairo, ZeRo, Mew2king, Leffen, and Mang0 were all in attendance.

In an action-packed 16-player tournament, the Grand Finals came down to MkLeo and Dabuz.

While Dabuz had an incredibly strong performance throughout the event, MkLeo showed his dominance in the finals, winning 3-0.

MkLeo has been on fire this year. Super Smash Bros Ultimate has only been out since December, yet MkLeo has already won 4 significant tournaments.

Here are the placements for the rest of the Smash Ultimate players. Many received joint placements.

  1. MkLeo
  2. Dabuz
  3. Gluttony
  4. Samsora
  5. Nairo
  6. Zackray
  7. VoiD
  8. Cosmos
  9. Leffen
  10. Mew2king
  11. Light
  12. Armada
  13. Mang0
  14. ZeRo
  15. Plup
  16. ZD

Smash Ultimate Summit Results – Other Events

The Singles tournament wasn’t the only event on show at Smash Ultimate Summit. There were also various other fun tournaments to accompany the main event.

The Random Vs. Random tournament had all 16 players play with random characters. In the end, Nairo came out 1st. MkLeo and zackray were 2nd and 3rd.

Squad Strike Crew Battle split the players into four teams of four for a Squad Strike tournament. The winning team was Four Corners of the World– zackray, VoiD, Dabuz, Gluttony.

There was also a Commentator Crew Battle where Chillindude, TKbreezy, and Vish won over EE, Vikkikitty, and BAM.

The Melee Vs. Smash Community Crew Battle saw Team Melee (Armada, Leffen, Plup, Mang0, Mew2king, ZeRo) go head to head with Team Smash (Nairo, Cosmos, VoiD, Samsora, ZD, zackray). In the end, Team Smash won 18-14.

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