A new 7-and-a-half-minute trailer for Smash Bros Ultimate has been released and it reveals some very interesting things. Most interestingly a new stage seems to appear for Sheik and Ganon. It also confirms the return of iconic Smash Bros Boss Master Hand as Roy’s final Classic Mode Battle. Here’s the latest Smash Ultimate news.

Smash Ultimate News: New Smash Bros Ultimate Stage

The new trailer seems to show a previously unrevealed Smash Bros Ultimate stage! The stage appears at 1:06 of the video.

The stage bears some similarity to the final boss arena in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This makes sense, considering Ganondorf and Sheik, two Ocarina of Time characters, appear.

New Smash Bros Ultimate gameplay footage shows that each character has a unique Classic Mode campaign, ending with a boss fight. This may be a special boss stage where Sheik faces off against Ganon or one of Ganondorf’s others forms.

A brand new stage to the already expansive 103 stages available would be an even more exciting concept. With 5 stages set to appear in DLC Packs, it could be one of them, although being some kind of boss-related stage seems more likely.

Smash Ultimate News: Master Hand Returns

While Master Hand was the primary Classic Mode boss in previous Smash Bros games, many fans wondered if he’d appear in Smash Bros Ultimate. Clips so far have shown bosses such as Dracula, Rathalos, Giga Bowser, and Galleom.

The new trailer also confirms Master Hand’s return at 2:57. He’ll appear as Roy’s final boss fight in his Classic Mode campaign. The rest of Roy’s campaign, titled “A Journey of Swords”, seems to pit him against other sword fighters in the series.

The rest of the video features more news about the new game modes and features, including 4-player online battles! The game is only a few weeks from launch now, but even dedicated fans are still learning new things.

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