Smash Bros Ultimate players will get a Free Spirit and a launch update according to new Smash Ultimate news. Sakurai revealed in a Famitsu interview that those with a physical copy with a game will need to update before playing. The Day 1 Update will be applied automatically to those who download the digital version.

The Sakurai interview from Famitsu, translated by SourceGaming, also covers why Kirby is the lone survivor in the World of Light. Here’s more on the recent Smash Ultimate News.

Free Spirit in Smash Bros Ultimate

Players will get one Advanced Spirit when they first launch the game! The Smash Bros Ultimate Spirit they get will be picked at random, adding to the surprise.

Smash Ultimate News: Free Spirit & Launch Update for Smash Bros Ultimate

There are currently 1,297 confirmed Smash Bros Ultimate Spirits. While not all are Advanced Spirits, there’s likely going to be a massive variety in the Spirits players receive.

Smash Ultimate News – Day 1 Update

As confirmed in the interview, Super Smash Bros Ultimate will have an update on the launch day.

The update is to fix a glitch with replays going out of sync. Players will be able to store permanent replays of their matches as long as they have storage space.

The day-one patch only applies to players with a physical copy of Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The patch will be automatically applied to the digital version, so those who download the game don’t need to worry about their replays messing up.

The launch update is a promising sign- any glitches in Smash Bros Ultimate will promptly be fixed, and there will likely also be updates in the future to add content and buff or nerf fighters.

Why Kirby Survives in World of Light

Sakurai also talks about why Kirby is the lone survivor at the beginning of World of Light.

The World of Light intro trailer shows characters dying off one by one, Infinity War style. The lone exception is Kirby. You can see more on the story in the leaked World of Light cutscenes.

Some fans speculated it was due to Kirby being Sakurai’s own creation. However, he explains that Kirby is the simplest character to use and could also logically survive due to his warp ability. It’s a small detail, but one many fans were curious about.

The launch of the game is now just a week away. With a Free Spirit to look forward to, many fans will be pleasantly surprised.

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