The latest Smash Ultimate leaks say Incineroar and Ken will be announced before the game’s December 7 release date.

This came from Vergeben- a GameFAQs user known for very accurate Smash Ultimate leaks. In the past, he’s been right about Isabelle, Ridley, and Simon Belmont appearing in the game. His latest post said the following:

The gen 7 Pokemon that isn’t Decidueye, Lycanroc, or obviously not Mimikyu is Incineroar.

I finally heard that it is Incineroar from all my main Smash sources so there you have it. As for the roster, in the very least, Incineroar and Ken are left.

Ken from Street Fighter would be Ryu’s Echo Fighter, whereas Incineroar from Pokemon Sun & Moon would be a unique new fighter.

Two New Characters for Super Smash Bros Ultimate Launch?

A recent theory circulating amongst fans is that the Smash Bros Ultimate launch roster has two new characters to be announced. This is based on the Smash Bros Ultimate Special Edition box having two empty slots.

I’ve had people tagging me nonstop for the last day or two about the box theory, so I will address that. I have been in contact with my sources about it. There’s no confirmation as of this moment whether or not that will be it for the launch roster.

As Vergeben notes, the box theory may really mean nothing for the launch roster. But even if there are only 72 characters at launch, more will come as DLC sooner rather than later.

He also doubled down that there will be a Square Enix character in Smash Bros Ultimate.

I guess I might as well end by saying that if you think this game won’t be supported further after launch, well, that’s not a smart assumption to make. The Square Enix character that I heard about is an interesting exception in all of this when it comes to the box theory and my knowledge of there being a character of theirs comes from someone who’s never had a habit of being wrong. Even if that really is all for launch, it’s not the end.

When Will The Next Smash Bros Ultimate Character Be Revealed?

No information is currently known about when the next Smash Ultimate character will be revealed. Some previous Smash Ultimate leaks claimed it would be around September 24- just after the Tokyo Game Show 2018. However, nothing is certain yet.

The last Smash Bros Direct hinted a new Game Mode and a new characters to be announced in future. We might see another full Smash Bros Direct before launch, but when it will be is uncertain.

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