Recent Smash Ultimate leaks showed 7 new roster characters on a promotional wristband.

Known as the Smash Bros Ultimate Grinch leak (thanks to a promotional image of the latest Grinch film in the background), the picture from an employee of a promotional printing company has sent the Smash Bros community into a frenzy.

Since the leaks came out last week, fans have been uncovering more and more potential evidence for the new roster characters.

While there are still doubts about the veracity of the leak, there’s a lot of evidence pointing towards it being real. For instance, Reddit user WHIRR_ found that a YouTube video of the company’s premises was removed.

ACP-PLV has deleted the video showing their work environment.(this is huge evidence pointing to the leak being real)
byu/WHIRR_ insmashbros

Here’s some of the evidence for a couple of the most wanted new characters- Banjo Kazooie and Isaac from Golden Sun.

Isaac in Smash Ultimate – Hints and Rumors

Rumors for Isaac in Smash Bros Ultimate have been circulating ever since August when Sakurai Tweeted out an image bearing a startling resemblance to the Golden Sun battle scenes.

More recently, Redditors found out that the Smash Bros Ultimate website had a poorly cropped banner image. Little Mac’s hand gets cut off right where Isaac is on the new Smash Bros art leak.

This may mean Nintendo planned to add Isaac earlier, although it could simply be an accident.

Also interesting is that Nintendo secured a new trademark for Golden Sun in August, along with Rhythm Heaven. This adds more fuel to the fire that Isaac and the Chorus Kids will be in Smash. Their respective series may even get a resurgence on the Switch.

Banjo Kazooie in Smash Ultimate – Hints and Rumors

The iconic duo of Banjo-Kazooie has been in high-demand by Smash Bros fans for years. Since the announcement of Smash Bros Ultimate, the campaign to see the characters in the game really picked up.

While Banjo-Kazooie is now owned by Microsoft, Xbox head Phil Spencer told fans he’d be happy to see them in Smash Bros.

KantoPancakes on Twitter noted that since the Tweet, Phil Spencer talked about going to lunch with Nintendo at E3. With mentions of being a third-party for Nintendo, this may hint that discussions were held about Banjo-Kazooie in Smash Bros.

Next Nintendo Direct at Nintendo Live 2018?

While a lot of these theories are pure speculation, we’re likely to get some new solid information soon. Nintendo Live 2018 is coming in just a few days. The official Nintendo event features a big Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament.

With rumors that it’ll use the full release version, it’d be the perfect time for a new Smash Bros Direct.

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