Since rumors of the Smash Bros Ultimate full game leaking, a lot of info has come to light. Many fans have managed to get their hands on an early version of the game. Although players can’t get into the game itself, data miners have uncovered a lot from the game files, including new confirmed bosses and spirits. They’ve also found 7 World of Light Cutscenes leaked. Here’s more.

7 World of Light Cutscenes Leaked

World of Light is the new Smash Bros Ultimate Story Mode. The original World of Light trailer showed the full Smash Bros Ultimate roster being killed off by an evil force, with Kirby surviving. It seems that Kirby then travels throughout the map recovering the spirits of his friends.

Some World of Light gameplay was previously shown on GameXplain.

The new cutscenes leaked on 4Chan– these make things a little more interesting. A new Final Boss is shown, apparently named Darz. Darz appears to be the dark equivalent to Galeem, and cutscenes also show the forces of light and dark battling against each other.

Here are links to all of the 7 World of Light cutscenes leaked:

Intro featuring all Smash Bros Ultimate characters
A battle between Galeem, Darz, and Hand minions
Mario is turned into a Spirit
Galeem is beaten, World is engulfed in darkness
Galeem fights against Darz while characters watch
Darz is destroyed, World is engulfed in light
Ending cutscene

The new cutscenes suggest a strong darkness vs light theme, something that has been rumored for the game for a long time. We may see the heroes of Smash Bros Ultimate face off against their villainous nemeses in WoL. It also appears as though there may be alternate endings.

More Smash Ultimate Leaks

More leaks from the full game include information on new spirits and boss battles. Many leaks have come from goygoy2, a data miner checking through the game’s files on Twitch. You can check these out at

So far, many characters have been leaked as Smash Bros Ultimate Spirits, Ganon and Marx appear as boss battles, and Chrono is in the game in some form. However, this is just scratching the surface, and there’s a lot more to come out. We’ll keep you up to date on Elecspo.

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