According to a reputable Smash Ultimate leak, a Square Enix character and possibly even Minecraft Steve will make it to the roster. Although the Smash Bros Ultimate launch roster has been announced, with Incineroar and Ken joining, new fighters will come in the form of DLC.

The Smash Bros Ultimate DLC leak came from Vergeben. While many Smash Bros Ultimate leaks turned out to be fake, Vergeben correctly called Incineroar, Ken, and Piranha Plant before the Smash Bros Ultimate direct announcement. So what’s next?

Square Enix Character in Smash Ultimate Leak

Vergeben brought up a Smash Bros Ultimate Square Enix character in a leak months ago. However, due to strict measures against leaking, there is no confirmation of who it might be. Vergeben said in a GameFAQ’s post:

I have a list of names (some more recurring than others) that have been shared with me, but I don’t want to share them since multiple names are being put out to mess with leakers since Square Enix has a strong and intolerant stance against leaks. It doesn’t benefit me to share them, and it could possibly get people fired since that’s the point of why they are trying to fool their own employees.
Nintendo has been complying to try and keep it under wraps on their end too.
All I can say with certainty is a Square Enix character is definitely coming to the game as DLC as one of the 5 DLC fighters.

There are various possibilities for this. One is Sora in Smash Bros Ultimate. The Kingdom Hearts co-creator expressed interest, as did Disney Japan VP Justin Scarpone.

With Final Fantasy making its way to the switch, it could be another iconic FF character. This could be anyone from Sephiroth to Noctis.

It could also be a character from Octopath Traveler- Square Enix’s newest Nintendo Switch RPG. Other possibilities include Lara Croft of Tomb Raider or 2B from Nier: Automata, although these seem less likely due to not appearing on the Switch.

Minecraft Steve in Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Leak

Another Smash Ultimate leak backed by multiple leakers is that Minecraft content will be Smash Bros Ultimate. Vergeben reitrated this in a recent GameFAQs post.

While this could simply be an Assist Trophy or stage, rumor has it Minecraft Steve will make the roster. Both Vergeben and Senjougahara__Hitagi agreed on this in a Reddit post months ago.

Minecraft Steve in Smash Bros Ultimate

Minecraft is now the second best-selling video game of all time. It’s also available on the Nintendo Switch. Plus, with Xbox head Phil Spencer supporting the game, it’s far from out of the question.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC – Cost and Release Date

The latest Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct confirmed that the first DLC character will be Piranha Plant. Players who pre-order the game and sign up before the end of January 2019 will get the new character for free.

At least 5 DLC characters will be released in DLC packs (along with 1 stage and new music tracks) before February 2020. Each pack will cost $5.99 on their own. However, players will also be able to pick up the “Fighter’s Pass” including all 5 characters, stages, and music for $24.99.

You can see the Smash Bros Ultimate DLC announcement in the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct (59:43).

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