Hungrybox became the Smash Summit 7 winner last night in a 3-1 Grand Finals Battle against Leffen. It was an incredibly successful tournament for Hbox, going 7-0 for a 100% Set Win rate. It’s Hungrybox’s 14th Event Win in 2018, asserting himself as the best player of the year by far. Here’s more on the Smash Summit 7 Results.

Smash Summit 7 Melee Finals – Hungrybox vs Leffen

The Smash Summit 7 Grand Finals for Melee came down to a battle between two of the absolute best Smash Bros Melee players, Juan “Hungrybox” Debiedma and William “Leffen” Hjelte.

The two took fairly different routes to the finals. Hungrybox went undefeated in the Winner’s Bracket, taking out Zain (3-2), Wizzrobe (3-1), and Mang0 (3-1) along the way.

After beating Bananas (3-2) then losing to Mang0 (2-3) in the Winner’s Bracket, Leffen fought his way through the Loser’s Bracket. He beat Axe (3-1), Wizzrobe (3-0), and got his vengeance on Mang0 (3-2) to face Hungrybox in the Grand Finals.

However, Hungrybox took the final matchup with ease, beating Leffen’s Fox with Jigglypuff 3-1 to become the Smash Summit 7 Winner.

Hungrybox – Best Smash Bros Melee Player of 2018

Hungrybox has earned over $50,000 overall in 2018 from a massive 14 event wins. He’s also one of the highest-earning Smash Bros Melee players of all time with over $300,000 in prize money.

With Armada retiring, Hungrybox remains virtually untouched on the throne. Although he’s faced some losses, such as in Zain’s Shine 2018 win, he continues to be the best and most consistent Melee god.

Smash Summit 7 Results

While the Super Smash Bros Melee tournament was the main event, a few other tournaments ran throughout Smash Summit 7.

Mew2King and Plup won the Melee Doubles tournament, beating Hungrybox and Bananas in the Grand finals.

The Plup Club (Plup, Axe, Rishi, Slox) won the Draft Crews tournament, beating Team Big Billy (Leffen, aMSa, Wizzrobe, DaShizWiz).

Plup also won the 5 Character Classic Iron Man and Slap City Singles tournaments, beating Hungrybox and Bananas in the Grand Finals.

You can view the full Smash Summit 7 Results at or watch at

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