Super Smash Bros Ultimate game leaks have taught us a lot about the game. In addition to new bosses, new spirits, and new costumes, we’ve also seen some awesome leaked World of Light Cutscenes.

Seven cutscenes have leaked for World of Light, giving us some idea of what to expect from the Smash Bros Ultimate Story Mode. Here’s what the World of Light Cutscene leaks tell us.

Smash Ultimate Fighters are Turned into Spirits in WoL

According to previous hints from Sakurai, WoL will give some backing information to how the characters of Smash Bros Ultimate became Spirits.

Spirits are collectible perks in Smash Bros Ultimate. These can be applied to your Fighters in World of Light and other modes (even online) to give them perks such as extra speed or power.

One of the leaked World of Light cutscenes shows Mario being turned into a Spirit, suggesting it happens via the evil forces in WoL.

World of Light Cutscenes Show Dark and Light Boss

Galeem is the main antagonist in the World of Light. This seems to be the evil entity killing characters and turning them into Spirits.

There’s also another villain- Darz. This seems to be the dark equivalent to Galeem. Both of these characters are featured in the cutscenes.

There Could Be Three Different Modes

Leaks suggest that the World of Light Mode could have multiple playthroughs.

Speculation has it there will be three. A World of Light, a World of Dark, and a World of Balance. These will also feature bosses including Galeem, Darz, and a fused version of both. It also seems from these World of Light Cutscenes like there could be multiple endings, with either light or dark succumbing.

World of Light will also have New Game Plus- a common feature in RPG games that allows you to replay a game with statistics and perks from your completed playthrough.

You Can Unlock Characters in World of Light

A lot of information has also leaked about unlocking characters in Smash Ultimate.

While you can unlock characters via Vs. battles and Classic Mode, you’ll also be able to unlock them in World of Light. Gameplay footage from Nintendo Direct and GameXplain showed how character and Spirits fights will happen.

It seems you can unlock characters via the Story Mode itself. However, apparently random battles also feature when you exit out of World of Light at certain times. You can also acquire Spirits in World of Light.

All in all, World of Light looks highly promising. With character unlocks, new boss battles, and plenty of replay value, it could be the best Smash Bros Adventure Mode yet.

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