Nintendo has released videos straight from the Smash Bros developers showing King K Rool, Dark Samus, and Chrom in action!

Since his announcement a couple of weeks ago, fans have been hyped for the inclusion of Donkey Kong’s nemesis King K. Rool. In fact, a Reddit poll showed that King K Rool is the most in-demand Smash Bros character!

Now let’s take a look at him in action, along with the new echo fighters Chrom and Dark Samus facing and even Ridley’s final smash.

Smash Bros Ultimate Video: King K Rool Moves and Final Smash

A video posted by Nintendo Japan on Twitter shows King K Rool pitted against Snake on the Kongo Jungle stage.

They announced the video with a Tweet, roughly translating to:

We released two play fighter’s play images by development staff. You can see the characteristics of each fighter and play feeling etc. here. The first one is 1vs1 of King K Rool and Snake.

Fans are hyped to see the blunderbuss in action! Even King K Rool’s creator (who also gave his blessing for Banjo in Smash) Tweeted about it.

Smash Bros Ultimate Video: Chrom and Dark Samus face Ridley’s Final Smash

Nintendo Japan also Tweeted out a video of new Echo Fighters Chrom and Dark Samus battling it out with Lucina and Ridley as partners.

In addition to getting to see them in action, we get to see Ridley’s Final Smash and the new transitioning stages!

Nintendo’s Tweet translated to:

The second one is the Team Battle of 2 VS 2, Dark Samus and Ridley’s Metroid Team versus Chrome and Lucina’s Fire Emblem daughter team. Please also enjoy the new elements that change the stage in the middle of the battle! 

There’s still plenty of time before Smash Bros Ultimate’s release in December. No doubt Nintendo will be showing off more new stages, character moves, and maybe even some new fighters!

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