The Smash Bros Nintendo Direct Reveals make it increasingly clear that Smash Bros Ultimate has a sun and moon or light vs dark theme.

The King K Rool reveal trailer shows a series of Nintendo rivals, followed by Donkey Kong and King K Rool facing off in front of the sun.

Meanwhile, the CastleVania reveal showed Simon Belmont entering Dracula’s Castle under a full moon.

And this isn’t just some wacky theory- more of the official Smash Bros reveals follow this sun/moon formula. Take Dark Samus and Chrom’s pictures for example.

The pictures of Alucard from CastleVania: Symphony of the Night’s Assist Trophy have a similar moon theme

All of this put together hints at a heroes vs villains, dark vs light, dusk vs dawn or sun and moon theme carried throughout Smash Bros Ultimate. So what does this mean for the game?

Next Smash Bros Character Reveals – Skull Kid and Golden Sun Isaac?

There’s a lot of evidence to suggest the next Nintendo Direct announcement will involve Skull Kid and Golden Sun Isaac in Smash Bros Ultimate. Sakurai even seems to be hinting at it!

Skull Kid in Smash Bros Ultimate
The set of the latest Smash Bros Ultimate Direct hints at Skull Kid – Source

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, released in 2000, features Skull Kid summoning an evil moon (which also appears in Smash Bros as an Assist Trophy). Golden Sun was released around a year later, following four elemental warriors headed by Isaac.

Smash Bros Ultimate Leaks also suggest that a Pokemon Sun and Moon character will be introduced soon. Incineroar is the most likely candidate.

The light and dark theme could carry on for later reveals. Maybe the Goddess of Dark, Medusa, will appear as an Echo Fighter for Palutena, the Goddess of Light. Shadow the Hedgehog and Black Shadow (Captain Falcon’s adversary) have also been mentioned as potential fighters.

Smash Bros Ultimate Story Mode With a Dark vs Light Theme?

This dark and light theme could also be part of a Smash Bros Ultimate Story Mode, rumored to be called Spirits Mode.

A lot of the other Smash Bros characters have strong sun or moon themes in their games. Ike appears in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn battling the sun-themed Dawn Brigade.

Bayonetta has moon-based themes, even featuring covers of Fly Me To The Moon and Moon River. CastleVania has plenty of sun and moon allusions, including the games Circle of the Moon and Concerto of the Sun. Not to mention other games like Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.

A lot of characters are getting their enemies, plus dark alternatives like Dark Pit and Dark Samus. All of this points to a good against evil theme, with the sun and moon motifs carried throughout. This may be the underpinning for the upcoming story mode.

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