The last Smash Bros Ultimate Direct featured some hints by Sakurai for a new game mode. Thanks to fans deciphering the pixelated home screen, this has now been identified as ‘Spirits Mode’, a new Super Smash Bros Ultimate Story Mode.

Spirits Mode was previously mentioned in some Super Smash Bros Ultimate leaks. One leaker claimed it would be a Story Mode similar to Brawl’s, involving bosses like Dracula from CastleVania.

So what will it involve, and who will be featured?

What to expect from the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Story Mode

Rumor has it Spirits Mode will play much like Brawl’s Subspace Emissary. Subspace Emissary was a platform/adventure mode where roster characters could team up and travel through areas fighting bosses. It also gave players an alternative way to unlock new fighters.

Simon Belmont’s reveal even showed some footage of Simon traveling into Dracula’s Castle and fighting Dracula himself. Richter Belmont soon shows up to help.

It looks like this will be a theme throughout Spirits, with bosses from outside the roster and new fighters making their appearance.

Expect seamless 2-player co-op, a range of boss fights, and a unique way to unlock characters in Spirits Mode. Some fans even suggest you’ll be collecting the spirits of fallen characters from the trailers, such as Mario, Luigi, and Mega Man.

New Areas and Bosses in Spirits Mode – Rathalos? Vega? Porky?

Much like with Dracula, Spirits Mode will likely see you travel through various areas from Smash Bros games fighting iconic bosses.

Rathalos from Monster Hunters will probably make an appearance. A recent Tweet by Sakurai showed Link and Marth fighting against Rathalos in a Golden Sun-esque scene. Although he’s an Assist Trophy, he may also make an appearance in Spirits Mode.

There are also some hints to suggest you’ll face Vega. Interestingly, the Smash Bros Ultimate Music page features ‘Vega Stage’ from SF II. Recent Smash Ultimate leaks claim Ken will be an Echo Fighter for Ryu. This looks like a perfect set-up for the two protagonists to face off against Vega in Spirits Mode.

Porky Minch from Earthbound and Mother 3 could also make his return. In Smash Bros Brawl, the Adventure Mode featured Ness and Lucas facing off against their adversary. If he doesn’t make it to the roster, expect to see him as a boss fight.

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