We’ll see a range of new game modes in Super Smash Bros Ultimate- one of the most interesting being Squad Strike. In fact, Smash Bros Ultimate Squad Strike Mode is making its way to the competitive Smash Bros scene!

Smashadelphia has already confirmed a Squad Strike tournament for SMASHADELPHIA Ultimate on December 9, 2018.

So what is Squad Strike Mode and how will it be used in competitive tournaments?

Smash Bros Ultimate Squad Strike Mode In Competitive Smash Bros

JC Rodrigo, a member of the Nintendo Treehouse development team, spoke about how Squad Strike could be used in competitive play in the Official Nintendo Power podcast:

Squad Strike has a lot of viability in the competitive scene. And even if you’re not competitive, it’s a completely different way to think about the game. Because similar to other traditional fighting games that have multiple characters forming a team and stuff like that, you have to think about what your abilities for each of those characters are when you go in.

Squad Strike mode is a 3v3 or 5v5 battle mode where players pick 3-5 different fighters to use. As one dies, the next comes in and the battle continues until one loses all their characters.

It’s similar to Marvel vs. Capcom and other games like Smash Bros which involve one player switching between multiple characters. Sakurai revealed that multiple players could also take turns with characters.

Smash Bros Ultimate Squad Strike Mode to Replace Crew Battles

Squad Strike mode plays similar to the current Crew Battles seen in tournaments like Shine 2018. Toph, a Smash Bros player/commentator, also spoke about Squad Strike’s competitive viability:

Squad strike and modes like that are really cool because we usually have to improvise those in Smash Bros Melee with things like Crew Battles. We have to start new matches each time but it’s kind of a similar concept. Seeing that become a top-level concept in the game that’s actually playable seems like a nod to the competitive community.

JC Rodrigo also mentioned that ‘Smashdown’ makes for good exhibition matches. Smashdown requires players to use different characters every time until all characters have been used.

With over 65 characters announced for Smash Ultimate and more to come, Squad Strike battles will be more exciting than ever.

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