Pictures released of the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Special Edition Box art show there’s still 2 new character slots to be filled. Will we see just two more Smash Bros Ultimate fighters revealed before the game’s launch?

70 Fighters For Super Smash Bros Ultimate Launch Roster?

NinMobileNews noted that the box had two vacant slots on one side. Although Isabelle will take one, this still leaves an empty slot on the other side.

The official Super Smash Bros Ultimate website also reflects this. The Fighters page shows 68 numbered characters. However, since Mii Fighters and Pokemon Trainer’s Pokemon are consolidated into one, and there are 6 Echo Fighters, this fills 70 slots.

More Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fighter slots to be filled?

Two more characters would mean a well-rounded 70 numbered characters and all 72 slots filled on the website and the Special Edition Box. Of course, it could mean nothing- we may see more characters revealed and left off of the box or more spaces added.

But 70 Smash Bros Ultimate Fighters (plus Echoes) to lead us into launch seems fairly realistic. More could be released as DLC after the game’s launch on December 7. So who will they be?

New Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fighters

Smash Bros Ultimate roster rumors have been circulating everywhere. There are fan campaigns for everyone from Geno to Birdo and even rumors of Minecraft Steve appearing in game.

One of the most successful leakers has been Vergeben on the GameFAQs forums. He predicted various characters accurately, including the most recent reveal of Isabelle. This suggests he has an inside source.

According to him, Street Fighter Ken and Incineroar are the most likely new inclusions. There could also be a new Square Enix character and some form of Minecraft representation (possibly an Assist Trophy rather than a roster fighter).

Sakurai has dropped hints to suggest Skull Kid and Isaac in the roster. This has become the most popular fan theory. Geno and Shadow the Hedgehog also seem like possibilities.

A lot of Smash Ultimate content is still TBA, including a Super Smash Bros Ultimate Story Mode. We might see a new Smash Bros Direct soon. A lot of content will probably be released post-launch as DLC, but fans should expect at least two new characters before launch.

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