Smash Bros Ultimate Roster Rumors are gaining pace, especially with Simon Belmont, Richter, King K. Rool, Dark Samus, and Chrom recently announced.

Recent Smash Bros Ultimate leaks suggest characters like Isabelle, Rayman, Incineroar, and Black Shadow will make it to the final roster, although the legitimacy of these can’t be assured.

In addition to the leaks, there are rumors surfacing for a range of characters appearing. Here are some of the most interesting.

Skull Kid in Smash Bros Ultimate – Very Likely

It’s worth betting that Skull Kid will be announced soon. With his Assist Trophy missing and various leaks and hints pointing towards it, this seems all but confirmed.

Some people also believe that the purple and yellow chairs in the background of Sakurai’s recent Nintendo Direct represented Tatl and Tael from Majora’s Mask (Skull Kid’s fairies).

Others speculated the colors could represent Karate Joe from Rhythm Heaven or Waluigi. The latter theory seems less likely as Waluigi is already an Assist Trophy.

Banjo Kazooie in Smash Bros Ultimate – Possibility

Banjo Kazooie, the bear/bird duo who originated on N64, have been requested by Smash fans ever since Melee. The series was created by Rare, who soon moved from Nintendo to Xbox.

After King K. Rool’s confirmation (another Rare character) Rare retweeted the announcement to show their support. This makes the inclusion of Banjo Kazooie seem more likely, especially with all the fan demand on Twitter.

Sora from Kingdom Hearts in Smash Bros Ultimate – Possibility

Sora from the Kingdom Hearts series is another character in popular demand from fans.

YouTuber HMK recently made a video discussing Sora’s chances. He mentions that in a discussion with Justin Scarpone (vice president of Disney Japan), Scarpone said Sora could be in Smash Bros if the fans and Nintendo want it enough.

Disney would also need clearance from Tetsuya Nomura and Square Enix. With Nomura and Square Enix allowing Cloud Strife in Smash 4, Sora seems like a decent possibility for Smash 5.

Smash Bros Ultimate Villains – Shadow, Porky, Kamek

The beginning of the King K. Rool trailer shows Mario vs Bowser, Link vs Ganondorf, Kirby vs Meta Knight, Fox vs Wolf, and Samus vs Ridley.

The trailer implies a heroes vs. villains motif, with Nintendo matching up its heroes with their rivals and adversaries.

This makes leaks suggesting the inclusion of Skull Kid and Black Shadow even more likely. They would serve as adversaries to Young Link and Captain Falcon.

Samurai Goroh is another outside possibility. With F-Zero rumored to return to Switch, who better to include than Falcon’s long-time rival?

Shadow the Hedgehog is a very likely inclusion- especially considering he’s not included in the Smash Ultimate Assist Trophies.

Another possible inclusion is Porky Minch, also known as Pokey, Ness and Lucas’ rival from Earthbound and Mother 3.

Yoshi is also left without a rival. Kamek would fit right in on the Smash Bros. Ultimate roster next to characters like Bowser. Jr.

With an already huge roster, some characters may appear as Assist Trophies or Echo Fighters. Expect some big announcements in the next few months.

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