A huge Smash Bros Ultimate roster leak surfaced today revealing 7 new characters- Banjo Kazooie, Shadow the Hedgehog, Geno, Isaac, Ken, Chorus Kids, and Mach Rider.

While there have been plenty of questionable leaks, this one has some weight to it. The image was originally posted on 4chan after a SnapChat by a French user revealed a promotional image for Smash Bros Ultimate.

Some extreme sleuthing by fans found that the person in question was a graphic designer working with a French print company. One of the firm’s clients is Bandai Namco- one of the studios behind Smash Bros Ultimate. So what does this reveal?

Smash Bros Ultimate Roster Leak – Banjo, Shadow, Geno & More

While the image is blurry, seven new Smash Bros Ultimate characters are identifiable.

Smash Bros Ultimate Roster Leaks - Shadow, Banjo, Geno, Chorus Kids, Mach Rider, Ken

Shadow the Hedgehog is on the far right, who has long been rumored as an Echo Fighter for Sonic.

Perhaps the most exciting is the inclusion of Banjo Kazooie. The iconic bear and bird duo have been in massive demand from fans. The creators and Microsoft themselves have shown support for it, so it may finally be time for them to return to Nintendo.

Isaac is another new inclusion. The Golden Sun protagonist would fit right in with a perfect moveset for Smash Bros Ultimate. It may even hint at a return of the classic RPG series.

Ken from Street Fighter also appears. Many leaks have mentioned his inclusion as a Ryu Echo Fighter.

Interestingly, Mach Rider also shows up on the banner. This is a character previously unmentioned in any leaks or rumors. However, it would fit in with past Smash Bros games which brought surprise roster inclusions like Duck Hunt Duo and R.O.B.

Geno from Super Mario RPG is another character who has been considered for inclusion ever since Smash Bros Brawl.

Chorus Kids from Rhythm Heaven are also on the picture. Data leaks from Smash Bros for WiiU found that they were originally going to be included, so this one makes a lot of sense.

Smash Bros Ultimate Roster Leak – Is It Real?

There’s been plenty of fake Smash Bros Ultimate leaks, but this one actually has some legs.

With news of Nintendo Live 2018 using the final version of Smash Bros Ultimate, there could be a huge reveal soon. The Smash Bros Ultimate Console Bundle also releases on November 16th. It would make sense that promotional materials for the final game are in production right now.

Newcomers from five new games would also make way for five new stages, fitting in with the CoroCoro leak of 108 Smash Bros Ultimate stages.

This is the biggest news yet for Smash Bros Ultimate fans. With any luck, there’ll be a brand new Smash Bros Direct before Nintendo Live 2018 on the 3rd of November.

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