The Super Smash Bros Ultimate release is now only a day away, and there’s already a day-one patch to download to the game. The Smash Bros Ultimate Release Patch is already available for those who pre-load the digital version of the game. Those with a physical copy will download the patch when they open the game.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Release Patch Leaks

The patch upgrades to Smash Bros Ultimate v 1.1.0 and adds a few new Smash Bros Ultimate Spirits to the game.

Data miners found at least 5 new Smash Ultimate Spirits. These include Spirits for Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s go Eevee. There are also a few Mario Party related Spirits. These were posted to Reddit by u/TacoBeans44.

Smash Ultimate Release Patch Leaks

According to Nintendo, these Spirits will be available to those with Sava Data for Let’s Go Pikachu or Let’s Go Eevee.

No other Smash Ultimate leaks have been found in the patch. However, Sakurai previously stated in a Famitsu interview that the release patch will also apply a bug fix to the game.

The patch allows players to record match replays with seamless quality. While they’ll take up a fair bit of space on the hard drive, this will be a great perk for those who want to store their highlight reels.

More Super Smash Bros Ultimate Updates to Come?

The Day One patch is a good sign for players. While the release patch may not add much, it shows new content could be added regularly via online updates.

Many fans hope for more Smash Bros Ultimate Snake Codecs, which could be brought to the game via downloadable patches. We might also get regular new Spirits and music tracks.

Of course, there’s also the Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Packs to look forward to, although these will cost players a few bucks.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Release Date & Time

The Super Smash Bros Ultimate release is right around the corner. Players with a digital copy should be able to start playing as soon as midnight on December 7th.

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