The first DLC character in Super Smash Bros Ultimate is now available. Super Smash Bros Ultimate Version 2.0.0 brings Piranha Plant to the roster. If you’ve redeemed your code for buying the game before the end of January, you can get Piranha Plant free! Here’s a guide on Smash Bros Ultimate Piranha Plant moves, tips, Final Smash and more.

Smash Bros Ultimate Piranha Plant Moves

Piranha Plant is a fairly small character, especially when crouching into his pot. He moves around via tiny feet under the plant which allow him to get around the map and damage his enemies.

His Neutral Attack (A) hits opponents for multiple jabs with 2.2% to 4.4% damage.

Up Tilt, Down Tilt, and Forward Tilt do a small amount of damage with his head and leaves (5.5% – 9%). Forward Tilt can be used multiple times to hit the enemy repeatedly.

Piranha Plant Smash Moves

Forward Smash lets Piranha Plant grow spikes on his head, which he’ll then use to headbutt enemies in front for 15% – 19%. You can hold this to charge and cover extra distance.

Down Smash hits enemies closeby to the left and right with his leaves (12% – 14%) and Up Smash can hit enemies above with his head multiple times (3%  – 12%).

He also has a good range of Special Moves. Neutral B Ptootie lets you throw a spiked ball at enemies. Side B Poison Breath can do big damage, especially if you charge it up. Up B Piranhacopter can be used for recovery or to flurry enemies. Down B Long-Strem Strike hits enemies above and can also be charged for big damage.

Piranha Plant Special Moves

Smash Bros Ultimate Piranha Plant Tips

Piranha Plant isn’t the biggest or fastest character in the game. However, he’s relatively agile and his unique range of moves allow you to do damage in many ways.

His Smash and Tilt moves can often be used multiple times to repeatedly attack the enemy. You can also make use of his Aerial Moves to attack enemies side-on or from above.

Piranha Plant Moves

His Special Moves are particularly interesting. Neutral B allows you to hit enemies with a metal ball. You can hold on to this and release it using left or right when the timing is right. This will often knock out damaged enemies.

Piranha Plant Special Moves

His Side B can be charged to deliver extra damage. Using this along with his Forward Smash can help build up damage against opponents.

Piranha Plant Tips

His Up B, Piranhacopter, is one of the best recovery moves in the game. You can also steer him to the side while doing this to damage enemies multiple times. Alternatively, take them up in the air to knock them off the screen.

Piranha Plant Final Smash

Piranha Plant’s Final Smash is Petey Piranha. He’ll grow in size and stomp on enemies all across the stage. You can also hit enemies with fire. This can deal huge amounts of damage and knock hurt opponents out fast.

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